Breaking the Vegan Streak - A Piece of Cake

in mindfulmonday •  7 months ago  (edited)
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After reading this, it feels pretty cool to hang out with someone one never met before and figure out that things only get better even when being around them almost 24/7. The mom’s. You just reminded me that my mom literally is so supportive of me being vegan, and i think my dad likes it too. Experiencing your mom, i feel she is so charming and really put a lot of soul in what she makes. It was so sweet that i can understand muizenhapje from your mom to be irresistible. I could literally taste that for dinner today that your moms food is rich and diverse in taste. 😊. Abrupt changes aren’t good, and there is no law. I can say for sure that you are someone that listens to his heart and you got soul ! I have been on a break from being a meat eater, then a vegetarian and it might last the rest of my life, until the next spider or fly enters my mouth unintentionally 😉. If it’s by choice my break ends. I don’t harvest and grow my own veggies yet. So far 50% of all my food post credits go out for you being so supportive, helpful in the kitchen and it is common effort and also a lot of good energy in the food we eat here together.

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I love the way you guys are talking to each other online but you're probably in the same room together, like husbands and wives texting each other on the couch (guilty)


Thank you!

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Well I guess now if you ever need to eat your shoes it will at least be a vegan experience?


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Ha, that's hilarious. Wierdly, I had a dream about eating shoes last night.

Wow, really? That is funny. I actually use that expression sometimes (if such and such happens I will eat my shoe)

I only remembered when you said. I think it was something to do with zombies as usual and being hungry.

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a little bite for a mouse

That is so cute! It would be so hard to knock back your Mum's cake.

I have had to kill a few chickens, but I had to as they were in pain due to being attacked by a fox. I still stand by that as a good thing to do. Plus, I don't have a problem with eggs - chickens always lay eggs, and don't do anything with them unless they are fertilised by a rooster, and we don't have a rooster.

It's awesome that Shinobi is helping you on this diet!! It's only hard when you THINK it's hard. And when EVERYONE starts teasing you about your choices, which shows how small minded people are.

Just being concious about what we eat and why we eat it and how we might give in to our desires without thinking about it is a good thing.

Killing those chickens, no matter how hard it must have been, seems like the ethical thing to do.

I agree that things are only hard when you think they are and it helps to have an experienced wing(wo)man on your side. The last couple of weeks have certainly made me (re)think loads of things, not just diet wise. I will need some time to wrap my head around it all.

Your last sentence is so powerful. That is exactly what I'm starting to get better and better at.


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