The Curse of Anger - Self Harm & Loss

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"Anger" is sudden change of emotion which happens when something happened beyond your control or against your liking. When In Anger a person may behave awkwardly or aggresively and mostly try to create damages to others. Anger can be destructive and proves to be very harmful to our relationships, careers, and even our health. It creates a mental imbalances which is hard to control. It may destroys everything that may fruitful for a happy living. It may results in loss of loved ones, or loss of wealth.


It is pretty hard to control Anger. Infact it triggered so quickly that the person always wanted to harm others but in consequences creates a lot of difficulty for themselves. Simply a situation in which minds and heart stop working which results in act of "no sense." People may simply unable to understand what is good or bad and they flow away with the destruction tide.

A story that gives a clear understanding of what Anger may results:

There was a carpenter shop in the town, the carpenter after the day's work went to his home after pulling down the shop shutter. At night a venomous snake strays into the shop in search of food. The snake start crawling here and there inside the carpenter shop in search of food. In the process, an "Axe" fell into his body. The snake was in pain and started whisking at the Axe. Unable to move the Axe, the Snake try to bite the Axe, What could a bite can do to a metallic Axe?? Instead the Snake mouth started bleeding. Out of Fury & Arrogance the Snake tried itsbest to strangle and kill the object. The pain and frustration started to get into his mind. Getting morr angry and wrapped his entire body around the Axe handle in process of freeing from the weight. He kept trying but unable to get success. Finally, when the Carpenter came next day he found a dead Snake wrapped around the Axe.

The story does gives a very clear indication of Anger can do. The Snake gets Angry at the Axe and try to harm it and in process ends his own life.


The Snake didn't die because of someone else's fault. Instead face all the consequences because of own Anger and Wrath.

Anger always results in harming own self. At the time we could not realize but as the time passes by we understood the harm made to ourself.

Anger is not something which is easy to control. The aggression is very instant and only understanding of the subject may result in controlling. It is not necessary to react to every situation or everything. The only easy way is to Step back and ask yourself, if the situation does really need to respond?? For every minute of Angry we lose 60 seconds of Happiness and in process we making our life bit complicated.

Anger is humans biggest enemy, which always result in Harming. Only way to avoid is to Control It!! Controlling Anger is the only solution and we seriously need to take action because it is one letter away from creating "DANGER".


When there is Anger there is always Pain. Anger does not solve any thing,nor create anything, but it can easily destroy everything

Simply avoid Anger and Stay Healthy and Happy Life. My #mindfulmonday thought for @naturalmedicine.

Stay Calm....

Keep Steeming...Steem On !!!

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I love how we only punish OURSELVES with anger. It doesn't serve us, and it usually doesn't have impact on the other! My PM doesn't care less about me and my anger - I'm like the snake biting the ax in that regard. Breathing, and focussing on the good.

May be own suffering may work as an eye opener for rest of the life

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@steemflow Hey such a nice and informative post!!!! Love to go through such posts. Really interesting!!!!
Keep up the good work!!!!
Wish you luck =)
Keep going✌

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Thanks @drakoscliff readers like you what make me going.... Thanks for support...Steem on 👍

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This post has so much wisdom in it, thank you for sharing. Anger harms everything it touches. It is harmful to the body, mind, emotions and spirit. <3

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