Morning Meditation

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Escaping sharp granules of sand stuck to sleepess sheets
I am pulled shoreward, perch cross legged
Lotussed on angular rocks
Tiny lavender molluscs bite into anklebones

Cold tea tree breeze drifts between shadowed rocks, warms
In reefs of glistening quartz and tangerine lichen
Teases seagrass
Parts each trembling hair bristling on tender skin
Touches clavicle, lips, third eye

I am aware of corpuscular drifting
Skin transforms into translucent kelp catching sunlight in shallow pools
Two tides pull - the drawing of saltwater in and out of the bay
And the blood flowing home to the heart

My fingers are drifts of seaweed
Where wrens chase insects. Their sharp chirrup
Gathers in my throat
I spread my cormorant wings
Shake salt from oiled feathers, becoming
Black spinnakers chased by updrafts.

I am here. I am here.




Cape Conran, Victoria June 2019


Lovely poem with lovely pictures, like those heavy yet gentle words used here.


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Meditation is a daily practice of mine, I love it.

That's some wonderful words!

Well done the poetic meter really captures a more meditative mood. And you are also at a "Cape"?

Ah, yes, it's just a small one though! It's part of a national park we visited on the way to current place where we are enjoying a small holiday for a few days.