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I have to say that last update of eSteem iOS mobile frontend has impressed me.
In this last version they have managed to obtain a solid product, completed enough and, at the same time, suffiently stable and agile.

Most of the bugs encountered in the previous versions have dissapeared and I can tell you that I am not using anymore the PARTIKO DApp, which I liked in the past and which is not anymore further developed by its team.

Actually I have seen only one minor bug on eSteem iOS version which I think I have to explain here for the @esteem developers and it is the fact that when you are in the “feed” section, the action of refreshing the page in order to check new posts does not work as I would expect. The “feed” does not show newer posts ecen if you scroll down the screen, so, if you want really to refresh it you have to change to another section of the DApp, for instance “ Hot” and then back again to the “Feed”...
It is indeed a minor issue and I’m sure it will be fixed soon.

Anyway, coming back to the subject of this post, as I said, eSteem has become an impressive tool for my mobile as Steem frontend so now I am thinking that I will have to installed also as a main frontend at my desktop computer.

Besides the stability, agility and functionality reached by @esteem , there is also one MAJOR COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE that it has while using it and which is not offered by other frontends.

eSteem promotes engagement

Really? Oh yes Sir! I am sure you have already heard about that while using eSteem you can also get or “mine” tokens, haven’t you?

Those tokens can be used later on in order for you to promote or boost your eSteem posts which, of course, some of you may say that this actions are a developed strategy from the oldsteem times but I personally think that it is not the same. You can buy those tokens if you want and burn them on the promitional aspect but you can get tokens as well by only using the app for doing specific actions while using eSteem.
For instance, if you post you get eSteem tokens.

But the most important is that there are 3 easy actions that can help you further more not only in the “earning tokens” action but also in the engagement aspect.


Upvoting, commenting and reblogging, which is resteeming, are the three main actions of engaging while using eSteem.
You get 5 ESTM tokens while commenting, 1 ESTM while reblogging and 0.3 by upvoting.

Again, I think eSteem has proposed a good solution for incentiving not only the use of the frontend but more importantly the engagement aspect at Steem.

As I said, now I’m going to try eSteem Surfer on my desktop.
If the experience is the same as the obtained in my mobile, I am going to quit from using steemit, steempeak or busy from then on.

Now, let me tell you that I am going to BOOST this post with my ESTM tokens obtained by “engaging” while using eSteem so, don’t forget to engage with me before getting the upvoting “Boost” from the DApp 😂😂😂.

Sorry but this is my “milky” action for today.



I was sticking with @partiko for a while, but I'm disappointed by their absence. Maybe it's time also for me to give eSteem a try...

Partiko was a good dapp indeed

I have been trying the desktop version of eSteem on my alt account, (it does not do much), I have mad a couple of post to try that feature out, and about the only other thing I do is vote and a couple of comments. So far it seems to work pretty good, I like that I only need to remember a pin number to get going in the morning.

The bug you mentioned about is why I haven't updated yet. I use android and it seems that there are problems in here as well. Hope they will fix that soon, as esteem is getting close to become the perfect Steem mobile app.

Well, it is a minor problem, easy to fix I hope

Yes, we are working on it.

Did you know you can pull down to refresh Feed?

That’s exactly what is not working at least at my end

And you sure you had new Feed post but mobile app is not fetching it, hmm no problem on my end though.

Huhuhu! I cannot use my ESTM tokens. The "next" button is disabled. I have read the reply from @good-karma from another person who has the same problem, and I did what he replied but it is still the same. Huhu! 😭 I envy you that you can boost your post through @eSteemapp. I use the app everyday, in almost all of my post, but now I cannot even publish anything. For two days now that I am using Partiko instead. Am so sad. 😭😭

That’s a pity. For me it works...did you try tu uninstall and install it again?

Yes I did. But it's still the same. I can comment and reblog, but cannot post, and use ESTM for boosting and the likes. 😭

Boosting requires Private active key, please make sure you login with Active key.

Can you share your editor screen? If you can reply, you should be able to post as well, likely title or tag fields have issues.

Thank you. I will try this @good-karma. I'm hopeful that it would work now. 😍

Thank you for your immediate answer @good-karma.

I logged in using my Active Key and it worked now!



I noticed that if I use promote and boost through the wallet, it doesn't go. And that's what I was using before. But I have tried directly through the post itself, it was successful. Thank you.

If you manually type your posts, it should be username/permlink format. Have you tried it to see if it works from wallet page as well? Like start typing, gingbabida/ and it will show you some suggestions...

I see. OK, yes, it is works! Thank you so much. You're the best @good-karma! 😊

I had the same feed loading issue. I thought it was just me or my wifi. But i guess that is a problem for everyone?!
I like the “engaginment” points even though they are not new features. But because of that i switched from partiko and busy.
I am using esteem for both mobile and desktop now.
Did you know you can get free points from daily spin? 😆

What is this daily spin?

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Great to see feedback like this, thank you! We are planning to release update later this week and we will make sure to check bug you mentioned. Keep up the good work 🙇

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4. Might be too old post.
5. User already received vote in last couple hours, you can try boosting again afterwhile.
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