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WARNING: Heavy profanity used in this post, if you're overly sensitive to adult words and have a propensity to act like you've never heard them before, close this post NOW!!


At this point in the milk post challenge, I am utterly failing, since this is my first one, but with Steem, we're used to fails, so fuck it, let's do this!

What does it take to be a highly successful Steemian?

First, you should probably start by throwing away any semblance of morality that you can think of, because doing the right thing will not bring you good rewards here!

That's right, fuck morality!


Next, you should be a master manipulator. Yes, you should lie and say things behind peoples backs that are not true or maybe a little over inflated for your own personal gain, that's totally fine.. (use discord for that, plausible deniability off chain) This is Steem, no one cares if you're a back stabbing asshole (or bitch..)


Next, you should spend more time shilling Steem than actually Steeming. It's better to focus your energy elsewhere, otherwise, you will lose your fucking mind! So make a shitpost, then hurry on over to twitter and offer people free accounts! (I have 22 tickets available currently, no one wants one!)


Next, you should consider whether or not you're going to show your face on Steem. Be careful doing that, if you're perceived as a real person, you'll get fucked the worst!


Next, you should push for hard forks that benefit the larger stake hodlers more than the small accounts. To me it would be more fitting to call them hard fucks.. because.. who doesn't like a hard fuck?


You should definitely precondition yourself to have stockholm syndrome, but don't worry, pretty soon we'll have 4 week power downs so pump and dumps will be easier for us all! Yay!!!


You might want to find people with similar stakes to jerk each other off with. Don't expect whales to vote you, even if they say they are supporting small fish. You're gonna have to bow down to them and beg them for a vote in their discords for a chance, otherwise, forget about it!


Always maintain thick skin on Steem. There is a high likeliness that you will get flags for no fucking reason! If it bothers you, you're not made for Steem!


If you make any friends here, just assume they are going to flip shit on you and spend the rest of their Steem days trying to fuck you in which ever ways they can, while placing blame on you for their short comings. In other words, expect the worst out of people!


Probably the most important thing for being successful here (at least in terms of mindset) is to never ever expect Steem is going to make it past 0.25 cents.. When people visit Steem and see our lovely freak show of a trending page, they laugh and close that tab just as fast as they opened it.


Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments!

The sad thing, is this milk post actually took some fucking work.. So I am not even sure it's a milk post, but oh well, I'm going with it.

Milk post done, have a great fucking day!

This challenge was initiated by @whatsup, I'm pretty sure it's cool to partake whether you suck at completing challenges or not.. So check out the intro post.

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Tell us how you really feel... Don't hold back.

lol, nice rant and thanks for participating in Milkandtators.

lol, yup, this post pretty much sums up how I feel about Steem these days, but hey, I'm still here, that's gotta count for something right?

Thanks for the support and cool challenge @whatsup, I actually enjoyed making this post, it was akin to a virtual punching bag or something. I feel so much relief! 😛🐄

That was awesome! 🤣

I'm happy you got a laugh :)
Thanks for stopping by bro.

Savage! Trending has been worse though.

Savage indeed, but some truth to it right?

The fact that the majority of people here are against Mr. Potato head being on trending, and he's still on trending, just shows how little respect some of the large accounts have for what the community wants, or what's good for Steem for that matter. One argument is "Well just don't look at trending!" A pretty foolish argument considering it's the first thing people see when they visit Steem.

Thanks for your support and comment bro.

Well just don't look at trending!" A pretty foolish argument considering it's the first thing people see when they visit Steem.

I whole heartedly agree with you there. But there are people that care about that, and we need more to power up. As you probably already know, I have been fighting those posts on trending, but I have also been working on getting posts featured on trending which has dramatically improved it. We have folks on here with significant stake trying to take a long term vision and do the right thing. I think some people are so focused on price, and that's understandable if they bought STEEM over $1.

Don't get discouraged, this cake isn't fully baked yet.

Hi Jake. There, there! I bet it feels good to get it out of your system. 😁

Sure does Vince. I hope I didn't offend anyone too much, but no major downvotes yet, so maybe not.
Thank you for stopping by my friend. I hope you're having a nice week! :)

😊 🤞
I think you said what is on most people's mind. So, you are really telling it as it is. 😊

That's why I have some haters out there! ;)



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Fuck you !tip

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I'll have to load up tipu so I can fuck you tip back sometime. For now an upvote will have to do 😎

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Ouch…My fuckin ears are hurtin, ya bastard!!!! Ummmmmnnnnn….I mean...my eyes are hurtin :>)

🙈🙉🙊 😂

You're forgiven… :>)

Hi @futuremind, how are u doing? I read your post about how to be successful at Steemit. Yes ... you are absolutely right for a lot of tricks to be successful even though sometimes you have to behave that doesn't suit with your heart. In life filled with pretense ..but I prefer to behave as it is. Success is not the main thing for me. The most important thing is how to make me happy. Have a nice day, sir.

Hi @elianaelisma, I'm doing well. I hope you're well also.

It's a sarcastic post, because there are many people here that behave this way.

Have a great day miss.

As more and more people look and see, I think things will improve, but I certainly will not be holding my breath for the change to come from the top down, or from the bottom up. I still think the last HF and the curve were designed specifically to stop a middle class from being built, but I also think that plan has backfired a little bit on them. FUD-n-FOMO, it's what make the steem world spin. LoL.

I still think the last HF and the curve were designed specifically to stop a middle class from being built

That's exactly what I was saying before it was even implemented.

I'm of the mind now, to think the 4 week power down is an exit plan. I sure hope I'm wrong on this one..

Thanks for your comment and support. I'm not giving up hope on Steem either.

It's crazy, the way I laughed. You're quite right about one or two things, the rest are true. jahajahajah where you get so much nonsense from. It's a good thing you didn't put the introduction label on it, new users would run away. Thank you for sharing so many nonsense, may God protect us. With all that stuff you wrote.

jahajahajah where you get so much nonsense from

The wicked ways of human beings.

I'm happy you enjoyed. Have a nice day.

Thank you very much @futuremind for the support I have a contest on the platform steemit my project is called #reiresgratis you know bringing a little healthy humor in the midst of so much seriousness. I realized that I am normal with this publication and that is appreciated. I leave you the link https://steemit.com/reiresgratis/@lisfabian/concurso-sucesos-con-algunas-mascotas-que-anecdotas-recuerdas-con-algunas-mascotas-10-steem-a-repartir of my contest if you dare you will be welcome even if it is giving votes to the participants to see if others dare. Thank you very much in advance.

is in Spanish but for sure in February I do it in Spanish and English.

lmao I didn't know you were a comedian. Where you hiding all this in discord chats? :p I feel very educated on Steem now though, thanks bro!

Haha, with some of the things going on here, comedic value is the only thing that keeps some of us going!

Don't worry.. Many people here want Steem to survive. I know it can be discouraging to show up and work hard to make low rewards. Hopefully some of the large accounts will see this comment and go offer you some support!

Thanks for trying Steem, at the end of the day, I still believe in Steem, despite my frustrations sometimes.

Nice rant and like all good rants, there's some truth being tossed around.


Definitely some truth here. Just trying to keep spirits high and keep on Steeming. A little discouraged lately, I know of many Steemians on here that that work hard and don't even make a dollar a post and have been here for a long time. It's ridiculous already. These large circle jerking accounts really need to start looking out for the little guys. There's only so much the "middle class" can do to help, and if not for the fact that I have some decent friends here, and want to see Steem succeed, I probably would have quit already.

Thank you for your support friend, always nice to see you.

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At this point in the milk post challenge, I am utterly failing, since this is my first one, but with Steem, we're used to fails, so fuck it, let's do this!

As a result ...

Because I like heretic first timers @futuremind. So, go ahead and do what you have to do right now my friend. };)

Milk Me

Hi @por500bolos,
Always nice to see you my friend. I'm happy you enjoyed the milk post. A break from Steem might be in order for me, sometimes it starts messing with the head a bit, and then posts like this come to fruition, or... I could just embrace the madness and keep it going 🤔

Well, if I have to be honest. I'd say in my case and close environment. It's specifically my current steem activity the most productive and which is messing with my head the less.

Over here I can find at least some calm & relax, healthy distraction, useful entertainment, clever advice & valuable interaction. Besides the only field of work & mean possible in my surroundings to generate at least a few scarce cents of the utmost necessary incomes to be capable to embrace the collective madness & economic depression that surrounds me IRL and is effecting everyone equally in my country. As to keep myself more or less sane and still with the will of going ahead without thinking in throw the towel too soon.

But yeah! I guess every place has its own charms. And we need to MILK them the best we can. :)

I'm happy you enjoyed the milk post.

You can bet I did. Cheers!!

" it was akin to a virtual punching bag or something" 😅


Thank you for your contribution.

Did you like that? :P

I appreciate the gesture, I'm just left slightly confused.

I can see how this might be confusing.
The milk post challenge was created by whatsup, and during this time I was feeling like the reward pool was not fairly distributed, and it pissed me off a bit, hence, this post :)

Oh, the post itself is pretty clear, the hive you transferred to me is what left me confused.

Ahh, I periodically liquidate hive-engine earnings and spread love to my few friends on here :)

Well, I felt compelled to say thanks!

You're welcome! It's my pleasure! :)

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I've only been here for 2 months and a good 3/4 of this list has ran through my head.

When people visit Steem and see our lovely freak show of a trending page, they laugh and close that tab just as fast as they opened it.

To be honest, it was a post on the trending page that made me sign up. An MSPWaves show.

But other than that one post... Woof... Sometimes I scroll that list and I'm downright disgusted with all the burnt sbd posts. It seems to be better of late. I assume the guys running those things have to feel a bit scummy when they see what's happening. Everybody knows you never go full narcissist.

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