11 Months

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Wow. Where did that time go?

September has been a really fast and busy month for us especially with Bella's birthday prep.

The month started off with her keen interest in music which she's managed to keep.

Followed by her first Father's Day.

Lots of time outside during the week Hubby had off.

Once she got over the odd texture of the grass beneath her feet there was no stopping her. We had to get the baby pool/ball pit out to contain her so we could work on the garden. That said she still needed company in the pit every now and then.

She's better at turning pages, loves to "help" with the laundry and loves cuddling her stuffed toys.

She's also copying sounds and actions.

I'm hoping she'll eventually get over her nail time phobia. As you can see she doesn't mind the nail file when she's doing it but when I do it....

The biggest things to happen in September is her tooth finally coming up (she's got two now!) And this 👇.

She's been walking while holding on to things since August but a few weeks ago she started taking a step or two on her own and one day she just took off.

It's seriously the cutest and most nerve wracking thing watching her walk. She holds her arms up like she's balancing on a tightrope and insists on carrying something as she wobbles across the room.

As far as food and co-sleeping goes.. Food I'm working on, the sleeping part.. Well, looks like she'll be in bed with us for a while since she hates being in her cot because it represents separation from me.

Ahhh my crazy, sweet, little girl.

It's been exhausting but I wouldn't trade any of it.


 10 months ago 

Precious thing. Like Dumbo's magic feather. Gotta hold something, or the walking thing won't work. Same thing for Dad after a few of those beers.

❤ lol yep, I think she's used to holding on to something. If only she just carried the soft toys....

Dad... 😆😆😆

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Oohh! Thank you!

I don't blame her, I hate nail files too XD I kind of vaguely put up with it whenever my daughter decided to do my nails (sometimes she just likes giving other people makeovers but I don't have hair to play with though she'd plaited my ratty a few times, and I don't like keeping makeup on for long as I both have mild allergies and texture issues, it can stay on for about as long as it takes to do a performance and then GET IT OFFFFFFFF XD)

I don't know why you say nerve-wracking, the description of the walk sounds so freaking adorable I can't even XD brings back memories of when youngest was staggering across wooden floors learning how to walk :D (the other two at least had carpet in our old house XD)

No, no, no!! She is growing up WAY too fast and is WAY too cute.

Have you ever posted a pic of both of you here? Because I don't think I've seen it - and would love to see YOU and her! You could always DM me on Discord -- I promise I won't share!

Omg can’t believe she’s gonna turn one soon!
Wow she’s a fast one to be walking before one!! I think my #2 also is gonna be an early walker he’s been crawling for the last two weeks and he’s 7.5m! Haha

Ohhhhh... Beautiful milestone. 😍 Time flies so fast with these little ones. So enjoy them and cherish these moments. It's for keeps! ❤

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She's such a prescious thing my friend! Certainly a miracle of love and positive energy...
minus the no sleep thing

Sending you and the family love and light...