10 Months

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Wow.. 10 months.

Where did the time go?

At 10 months there really hasn't been anything new, just a lot of improving on the things she picked up at 9 months like..

  • High Fives
  • Claps hands at "Good Girl" "Yay" generally anything she's pleased about ~ so she gets the concept of clapping, when it's done and why we do it.
  • Waves "Hi" and "Bye"
  • A lot more responsive to "No" and "Ow", and gives a hug when it's "Ow"
  • Knows certain toys and gets them when we ask her to find them like her Maracas.
  • Her balance is tons better and has taken an unassisted step here and there.

Food wise, she's eating more not just quantity wise but also variety. Current favourite is avocado with coconut milk, and anything with rice or pasta 😂

Still no visible teeth. There's one that looks like it's about to break through gums but it's been like that for a week so who knows when that's coming out.

The good news is her amber necklace arrived today.

Purchased from a local etsy seller, A Life In Harmony, that specialises in amber jewellery, it's beautiful in person and even came with a authenticity tag with serial number.

I put it on her immediately this afternoon and tonight's the big test. I'm hoping she'll sleep through the night tonight 🤞

2 more months and we would have survived her first year.

I wish I could rewind the last 10 months and start over and get more newborn cuddles.



Oh my goodness...

She's getting so big!! But what a cutie!! So good to see she's doing so great!! Sending you and the family love ✌❤

Awww thanks Wes! Hope you and yours are doing well ❤❤

Living the dream dear one. One day at a time yes?

Awww cute little clever girl XD

I was at the chemist yesterday and at the checkout there were some amber necklaces and even a little bracelet with all sorts of pretty colours and I thought of you and wondered if you'd gotten bubsicle's one yet.

Finally got on to it last week but didn't get the bracelet since I was worried she'd end up choking on it. I thought she would be fiddling with her necklace but she isn't, that said, don't know if its actually working lol

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Awesome!! I looked at the motherhood tag a couple of months ago saw only a couple of people using it. Glad to know there's a community now! Thanks for the heads up!

Where indeed!!!! For you it's 10 months and for me 10 years hahaha... my little man turns 11 in September... I cannot even believe it! !tip

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Jaynie!!! ❤ Wow 10 years! Happy Birthday little man!!

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