Microsoft wants to mine crypto using your brain waves 🤑

in microsoft •  3 months ago  (edited)

It's her brain being rewired

As you know, the sciencevienna logo represents a brain in rosé colors. Maybe a next evolution step will have to follow soon?

Microsoft1 is about to give a new exploitative clue on how to use brain waves more effectively at work. This makes work pay twice. It would be desirable if the mining slave has his own wallet and doesn't have to deliver the mined coins to his employer. For bullshit jobs before Corona with pointless presence culture, the implementation of this patent would certainly not have been so far-fetched.

Data - The gold of the future?

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Haha, pointless presence culture 😂

Getting advice on how to position one's jacket on the chair so that it looks like one's just for 5 minutes in the cafeteria is definitely the wrong environment (Won't say which company that was 😉)