I'm observing a crisis amongst the online male population. The rites of passage of a boy growing into a man is something I witness being lost with a genuine dismay. There is no doubt in my mind:

"I'm witnessing the very essence of what it once meant to become a man, be a man and to finally understand the totality of manhood being disfigured beyond recognition."

My involvement in witnessing this crisis of masculinity is beyond that of just an impartial bystander. The experiences so far have been so heavy with melancholia that I am left writing this now, broken and bereft. How do I encounter these emerging evils from an aimless stumbling around online? Why are things always getting worse with each stumble?

I am left breathless when realising that a greater evil is always encountered online. Hell is awaiting: just around the next corner. Inevitably and invariably, this new evil is yet another one so unfamiliar that to try identifying what the fuck is going on, develops into a metaphysical struggle.

Your soul and sanity starts to fray, risks of cracking in the face of a new life being at stake

I am not of the same provenance as these boys and men despite feeling like I am of similar blood. Blood that is being leeched specifically from Western (generally English speaking) 12-24 year old males.

I'm older than this age group yet I can't distinguish this leeching of what it means to be male as anything but the sapping masculinity at large. As I said to a young Scandinavian man today, addressing his nearly inconsolable mental anguish and catatonic state: "Your suffering is our suffering and our suffering binds us all together with this loss in common."

Why Are Males Exsanguinating Inside Virtual Spaces?

The purpose of this article is to explore an intentional undermining of the upcoming generation of men. This is a topic that can't be written about from the perspective of a clinically glib cultural commentator.

My perspective wont be tinged with the maddening political identity overtones that seemingly taints all commentary or criticism in the worlds today (both virtual and real life). Identity politics must be excluded if any vindication or better yet, fraternal support and assistance is to be forthcoming. All the worldly ideological fixations being compounded with cultural Marxism are causing far more mental damage than first thought..

The topic of this article can be transmuted into another realm: the engagement of spiritual warfare in this craven virtual? world. It's a very daunting world to enter into; full of ghosts and apparitions of the past, full of trials and tribulations that have an unknown potential to damage the body and scar the mind.
It's a struggle of the soul so for me to give the topic justice I let myself be guided by higher things; spiritually guided via my beating, bloody, compassionate heart which beats like a war drum knowing you're here to beat the lurking evil attempting to despoil your soul.

Invisible Porphyria

Generation Y and Z are not the exclusive age groups I've witnessed undergoing such debilitating ordeals online. The dispirited state of males is something common for those who were born in a decade that presented a duality of existence not experienced by any previous generation of men. We are left limp, impotent when facing something which we don't really know the impact of at all. What does it mean? Where do we go? How is it approached? I don't know, you don't know, when will we know?

There is now a dual world now to grow up in and understand your place in as a man. Online virtual worlds are also spaces where boys are going through adolescence into the young men, young adult men that no longer has a precedence to meet. Any man today will be heard or seen as a caricature pilloried in the mainstream media and 24/7 outrage cycle of news. Rather than actually meet or better yet, judge on their own terms by individual character and merit, there will be an oppressive leaden cloud trying to stop the boy to man be anything but ridiculed.

I didn't grow up in this kind of world which demanded that masculinity be defined in a kind of double life. I was born into a time that had no internet at all and where the gradual introduction of the internet occurred during our shared period of adolescence.

Going through adolescence in the 90's still had it's own unfamiliar challenges. Whilst the internet and the possibities of the online world promised so much, all you wanted back then was to use this new internet thing for viewing porn (mainly .jpgs, no streaming video). In reality, the so-called information superhighway was more like a drip-feed of pixels into a naive, horny teen's consciousness. The soundtrack of this drip-feed was the screeching dial-tone that a 56.6kpbs modem made. That sound will always be a sort of anchor for me, that sound will always remind me of a different perspective than the male youth of today have.

Am I showing my age by reminiscing about a 56.6kpbs modem or is it a salient point of difference between the challenges men have growing up now compared to my halcyon days before the 21st century? I don't know for certain about that, but what I do know all too well is that I can stumble into almost any online community and find a young white male struggling, suffering or worst of all, already scarred by the previous experiences they barely understood which victimised them.

An Intentional Eunuch

  • Online Exploitation generating victims; both boys and men. Streamlined and tailored victimisation of males and masculinity.

  • They may not survive the experience, they might struggle to come to terms with their "gender", fall prey to stereotypes of masculinity never reached. They may be intentionally forced to suffer in fear of what fetishisedmasculinity is redefined into today and intentionally never be able to be manly, or just a man.

  • A calamity: crises of online and real world confidence resulting in a pusillanimous meta-male without typical masculine traits of character to attempt inheriting. Without the ability to take pride or hold fast, stay true or shake hands or enjoy platonic fraternity... Or say what they really fucking think.

  • Repression of the inherently male process of emancipation. A lamb to the slaughterhouse waiting in the future. Stunted for slaughter, entering the assembly line of life with an abused brain attached to an abused body which couldn't exit; avoiding an emasculation, a death too soon.

  • Ancestral legacy of gender with necessary rites of passage, now insidiously deformed into an unrecognisable pastiche; mental-illness, redefinition of gender and genetics, abject enslavement to readymade answers that will stunt a natural process of self-development.

  • An usurping of cognitive abilities; thinking critically, logical argument, social skills and bonding.

  • An absence of a set of morals and values, normally crafted and self-realised by the individual. Abandonment of any essential ethos for this individual to carry with them and fine-tune into adulthood.

  • Limited or no options for flexibility in this. Such an incapability of crafting morals and values for a growing young man is akin to a blatant and violent emasculation.

  • End result of no resilience, only able to steer your life into nihilism. No fortitude. No capability to overcome (overcome practically anything at all) because making a mistake is now likely to be fatal for a male. Showing weakness and flaw is likely to be spat upon, or fetishised into some psycho-sexual kink.

Castration of Spiritual Manhood

All I did was listen. And banter. And commiserate. And empathise...

Mostly, I listened. I listened long, attentively, keenly. These were men so lost, imploring with a heart-aching desperation for help, for someone to hear them.

I kept on hearing the same existential, cathartic pleading from the listener: "please, what is the meaning in being a male? What I am here, now, as a male? Who is me?"

I've listened to many men who are spiritually castrated and it was utterly soul-wrenching: This is where I bleed as the listener, listening to a brother so lost bleeding to death faster than me.

All i did was listen, offering occasional guidance at any opportunity my utterly unaccredited, non-professional and honest advice could be of use. That's all I did... so why don't think for just a second? Could you do it too?

Do Not Languish In Anguish

Talk to each other. Voice, Face. Letters. Speak son, Share what is on your mind, weighing heavy on your soul. Air it, fight it, right it then hold fast and true, remain ready and stay your line.

**The Sanctioning of Suicide. You Boys, You Men. You are expected to die. **

One time I came too late or maybe I was just unable to stop this suicide. Oh Lord how I cried, for an 18 year old kid that I knew briefly who died. He posted nooses and pills and gas cans and "Catching the Bus" plans.

I was the only person in the world who he left a suicide note for. I never knew his name or what even his self-afflicted death was for. I still can't comprehend this senseless loss that is still so raw.

Maybe he was goaded, enticed, recorded on livestream, reuploaded and shared. Maybe being "pro-choice" as they call it, is the only rush left: throwing troubled young men's lives across the table like casino dice.

  • **The StrikeThrough the username in the image to the left is literal. **

  • **carys is likely dead as per the above post by the Moderator & Owner of SanctionedSuicide. **

  • You request your account to be frozen, beyond all reach once you are ready to die (perhaps prove the same?) and inform a moderator on this site of your death so they can arrange your account freeze.

    Rest Is Peace carys You were only 14...


Pretty much psychologically groomed via abundant suicide support online (to live stream their death).

"Pro-Choice?" You Fucking Murderous Psychotic Cunts With Your "Pro-Choice!"

Cyberbullycide: I know some of these online demons who run their circles of suicidal hell, I know their disguise, I know their techniques and lies. The abyss of this depravity goes so dark that I call it "Murder in the Third Person" but the truth is darker still..

The death of men. 75% of all suicides are men from young adulthood to mid 30's. The age bracket is getting younger and younger all the time though.

Why? Why???


Some Resources & Articles

Don't die on me


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