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RE: MeneMonday: Proving the Lucky Mene Box Theory

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Oh my god that's amazing, now I wish I had a mene box lol.. because I don't :) and I also can't afford anything in gold at the moment (sm cards excluded when they appear lol).. But that's just great to see you opened 5 of them!

Enjoy these goldies :)


MENE Also has SILVER Jewelry! 😻
I'm a big Neoxian account holder, great to see you
in the Physical Precious Metals category too! I have
a bunch of NEOXAG and .5xxx of a miner 👍💪

Hey underground! Mene does not sell silver, but it does sell platinum!! :)


How did I mess that up?
Perhaps they should... 😉

It was truly super fun opening the packs, especially when one finds gold foil cards!! I do have a Licky Mene Box, hehehe! I really should put a caveat in my article... that results may not be the same for all, hehehe.
I am so happy to see you, my dear @anouk.nox Take care.😍🌺🤙

I think you may spread your mene box luck to me with creating this post .. I bought an orb.. and got a legendary and a gold rare :)

OMG!!! Congrats! Hehehe, we are lucky gals, my friend!😍🌺🤙

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