A Package Arrived Today...

in #mene2 months ago


I always know when Mene has arrived, when I see the brown taped box, exactly the correct dimensions, perfect weight.

Not a box left at the door, no this box required a signature.


Huh, how did that knife get in there? It's not #menemonday yet!

Hold off, hold off.

Opening Mene boxes are a labor of love, perfect for labor day Mene Monday!

See you then.


Sweet knive....where is it from?

Zac sent it for being a patron years ago, @mericanhomestead

Sweet....if you don't mind sharing, at what level are you in to get such a sweet item?

Crockett Level, $20.00 / mo A portion of our donation funds (our voluntary offering) goes every month to the homestead. Got the knife over 2 years ago, I remember because in 2018 we visited for Sukkot and Zac complimented me on my knife. :-)

It's still on amazon: