Practice Using Context Clues: Original Meme Template

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You ever have somebody ask you what you are doing when it's obvious in context.

context clues meme.jpg
I can neither confirm nor deny this is based on a true story

What example do you have of somebody doing this?

     I'm imagining a funny yet unlikely example of someone doing this at the grocery store. You literally are pushing around a shopping cart at a grocery story, putting items in said cart and your socially awkward neighbor has the gall to ask you "What are you doing here?"

What am I doing here!?


    So, yeah did some searching to find the image for the template from some school lesson. I was tempted to Photoshop a mock textbook as I really wanted it to say "Use Your Context Clues!" but think this one works.

    Here is another example I came up with. Many times us fellas don't know how to read social cues. This is especially true with dating. I suppose the same could hold true for women but generally men are more overt and less subtle.

context clues crush.jpg

Finally, the template for your use.

context clues template.jpg

     Lastly, quick status. Have been working on editing the SteemFest 4 Proof of Brain roundtable audio into a video but must say a lot of the audio is indiscernible; although,the audio is ok with folks describing their concept of proof-of-brain.

     It was a sort of a pass the laptop situation and the mic wasn't the best. Had I known my roundtables were approved before I left. I probably would have brought my higher quality microphone. Water under the bridge at this point. It was still a great discussion IMHO.

As for today, about to head to the grocery. Hopefully, my neighbor doesn't ask me what I'm doing or I might flip. After that, I get the joy of putting together my daughter's swing set I got for a nice deal from Wally World.

Catch y'all later! Enjoy your Saturday.


You literally are pushing around a shopping cart at a grocery story, putting items in said cart and your socially awkward neighbor has the gall to ask you "What are you doing here?"


You obviously have never been hunting for elephants in the supermarket.

Ahhh the classic supermarket elephant hunt past time. 🐘 I almost forgot that was a thing.

Omg I thought it was just me

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Reminds me of when my husband and I would go surfing. Inevitably someone would see us with giant boards strapped onto our car and say "you guys going surfing?" 🤨🧐
I would be the one to answer "yes" without thinking, my husband would always have a quick answer, like "no, we just use those boards to balance out the car."

Good one! 😄

I can think of a similar situation but with fishing poles.

"Are you going fishing?"

"Nah, I'm going to redneck fencing practice! Duh!"

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