Steemit Hive categories ? Original memes inside

in hive-101863 •  3 months ago  (edited)

So I am testing out this new hive/category thing, you can find it at
As I am just testing out this platform, this post will be under my usual quality, so please stay calm and don't hate. Just giving you a warning before hand.

So I will be sharing some of my original memes I have made in the past.




I hope you liked my original memes, and I hope it fits into this "Original MEMEs" Category/Hive on this new steemit feature.

Anyways stay calm, and check out Steemmonsters !

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Absolutely! I am not a hater as long as you made them yourself.
Thank you for checking Original MEMEs out.

By all means express yourself, please.

Just keep it original.