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The clock is counting down,...
Our witnesses know that anybody that breaks weak on this is out!

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That clock is / was an interesting kit to build.
This was back when digital electronics was all a collection of discreet components.

That big long chip at the bottom there is a bucket brigade counter
The two chips above it convert the binary output into 7 segment LED.

Today, i could build the whole thing with one 8 pin chip about the size of that button in the lower left.

But, do you have the vintage parts laying around long enough so they can't be traced back to you?
That is the question.

I tell my friends when they get mad enough to come see me and I will hook them up a deadman switch for their fancy new belt!

But then, when I see a cop, I look around for my rocket launcher, too.

Enemies of the people's freedom, iyam.

Ummm, the law requires that i answer... noooooo.

Lol, you gotta watch those bastards, they are sneaky.

What's with the hive-101863 tag, I've seen a few and wonder if it's something I need to be doing

Yes, use Steemit.com to create a community and steempeak.com to set the settings.

Communities allows you to start your own group that earns money from content posted in it.
Steempeak allows crossposting to remonetize old content.
Custom is to crosspost others, and since you can only crosspost a post once in a community, old content from you to remonetize, once per community.

Save your keys!
Each community is another account.

Thanks, now I'm really confused lol! I did join Original Memes though... I've got a ton of them!

Deep dives is v4vapid's.
Maybe they will code some invite buttons.

Ok, it's day 6. Still don't understand what's the problem though.

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We are still under attack.
The internal cancer cells are actively trying to dominate the platform?