The Trash Whale

in #meme11 months ago

We have a trash whale on Steem. What do you think we should do about him?


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Oh yeah, I would also like to send mr B. to gulag :)

Good one @drakos

@drakos, sorry to see you have less Steem Power.
Your level lowered and you are now a Dolphin!
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You can’t do anything. You’re just a pussy Canadian bitch.

Thanks for the shoutout. Follow @berniesanders for free votes that actually reward you!!!!

I can rattle your ego, it's enough for me. Waiting for your flag. I love you too :)

You haven’t rattled shit. You’re nothing compared to me. All I’m doing is burning flag power on you that would otherwise go wasted.

Then stop wasting your power on me, simple. Spend it on the real abusers instead.

You are an abuser. You do nothing for Steem and reap undeserved rewards due to a single vote.

You’re useless. That’s abuse.

Is that so? Being a witness is abuse? Why don't you read the whitepaper and look up the function of a witness. How about your own abuses? Get off your high horse and look in the mirror.

I earned my stake by mining and participating in far more forks, etc as a witness than you ever will. All you’ve done is suck dick for yours.

Your Trump-like arguments won’t work on me, little man.

Oh right, I didn't work my ass off to get where I am. You're so fucking clueless. If you did so much, why have you never been top 20? Probably cause the stakeholders don't trust you bitch.