Let's make a toast on HF21 | Beers or Juice in Rotterdam coming Saturday August 31

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Pic from the first meet-up, taken by the amazing @brittandjosie!

TL;DR: We're meeting this Saturday from 15:00/3PM at Bokaal Rotterdam. The location is near Train Station Blaak which you can also reach by tram, metro or even bus. From there you can walk towards a little square that seems hidden but just follow the Google Maps route and you'll be fine. If you want you can reach me on Telegram (@soyrosa) or ask my mobile number on Discord (soyrosa#1544) if you want to be sure you can call me in case of need :D Cheers!

HF21 has been rolled out and with only a few hours of downtime we can be proud of a chain that stops when something doesn't work as intended, and with Witnesses and Steemit, Inc employees ready to patch it up quickly so we don't have to miss our Steem activities too much.

HF21 marks the start of NewSteem and for now I see a lot of people using their downvote power, even people who didn't do so before, plus a few unusual suspects have started curating... We'll have to see if this lasts, of course, but:

I believe it's time for a toast!!!

A bit last-minute, sort of pushed by the fact that @bubke is in Belgium all the way from India and coming weekend is hist last weekend 'here' I decided to see if we could get a few people together for some beers (or just a glass of juice of course!) for those who want to celebrate the start of a new Era on Steem.

...Or just meet up with some cool people and chat :-)

What's the plan?

Very simple: @bubke and I will be drinking a beer in Rotterdam from 15:00 onward, and everyone who wants to join us is welcome!
The location will be Bokaal Rotterdam (check up in the comments below this post if we have moved the location last-minute! Sometimes unexpected things happen like last time when the chosen venue was suddenly closed) which lists a huge beer list and has a nice terrace near Train Station Blaak. Saturday seems to be a nice sunny day, so why not spend it with some Steem friends in the sun?

Come for an hour, come for a lot of hours: all is fine!

Note that this is a very low-key meet-up, no topics are scheduled, no presentations are arranged, but everyone can start any conversation they want :-) The first two meet-ups were a lot of fun and I'm sure we can make it as gezellig again :D

Cheers and I hope to see you there!

Dutchies! Living in The Netherlands

@brittandjosie, @exyle, @s3rg3, @bennierex, @eqko, @verhp11, @hans001, @missmau, @amritadeva, @ashleykalila, @goldrooster, @heyitshaas, @ijmmai, @seveaux, @poeticsnake, @guchtere, @roelandp, @rubencress, @scipio, @rival, @edb, @marcovanhassel, @hetty-rowan, @minersean, @sanderjansenart, @erikklok, @dboontje, @dikkie, @valderrama, @thetimminator, @tonyz, @raypelsteeltje, @jacktheflipper, @bart2305, @crypto-econom1st, @bringolo, @oaldamster, @samiirasam, @rathanna, @goldrooster, @mids106, @rolf.bakker, @zyx066, @jolanda, @lion200, @michelmake, @futurefood, @wakeupkitty, @pacolimited

We speak about the same language! Living in Belgium

@fullcoverbetting, @woodzi, @daan, @bjornb, @brothermic, @simplymike, @jackjohanneshemp, @feelx, @d0zer, @costanza, @zoef, @kemo16, @simplymike, @arcange, @foreveraverage

Expats in The Netherlands

@artakush, @bengy, @bkdbkd, @pundito, @smasssh, @emrebeyler

Dutchies or 'speaking Dutch' all over the globe

@anouk.nox, @karinxxl, @felander, @cryptotem, @sv1rby, @misslasvegas, @bubke, @smalltall, @r00sj3

Do you know of more Dutch (speaking) Steemians?

Let me know in the comments! It would be fun to see how big we can get this to grow. The first responses after Meet-Up #1 can be summarized as: This was fun! It felt like we'd known each other for ages! Let's do it again! It's pretty spectacular to meet fellow Steemians and to have a few 'sort of local' meet-up opportunities is very worthwhile. Hope to see a few of you join :-)

Hope to see you this Saturday in Rotterdam!

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I'll be happy to join you guys. Thanks for putting an effort to organize it @soyrosa. Let's voice all those opinions about HF21 that we don't dare writing online.

Well if there's beer then @buzzbeergeek will be there! :D See you Saturday - we'll be able to share our stories about HF21 and HF22 by then :D

This is quite a last-minute - if not last-second - call :)
But I'll be there!

Count me in!

Wh00p! I knew you wouldn't miss the chance to meet up with some Steemians and drink some beers :D

And some whining about HF21 😜


Planned that day for collecting my prize at the store in Duiven together with @dboontje...🤔

Other note: isn’t @r00sj3 in the wrong list as she moved outside the netherlands?😇

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Still in Ibiza at a party sorryyyyyyy

I know sweety, don't you worry :D Just enjoy the holiday!

Awe...poor thing, that must suck. Partying in Ibiza ;)

Yes like is a bitch with 38 degrees and lovely hippies around hihi .... and till Sunday so I will suffer in silence hihi

Hehe, yeah I'm sure. Let me know the next time and I'll gladly volunteer to suffer with you ;)

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I heard you and @dboontje are already 'out' that day @guchtere @guchtere! :D If you want you can stop for a beer in Rotterdam on the way back home :D

And yes, I'll remove @r00sj3 from that part of the list and move her outside of the country :P

Argh...a bit VERY last minute for me. Shame. Although I had planned to be in the Netherlands around this time...but plans change. And now I can't do anything since I'm gathering money for Steemfest :) But enjoy guys!!!

"@bubke and I will be drinking a beer in Rotterdam from 15:00 onward" such a commitment" 😏

All joking aside, have fun all of you. Love the idea of these sort of meetups, very accessible

:D Yes, we're definitely committed! :')

Well, I hope to see you at one of those meet-ups someday @foreveraverage! Would be fun! Cheers :-)

How fun. I hope to make it to the Netherlands some day and when I do I will let you know and we'll go get that glass of juice!

Oh absolutely! If you’d ever come to The Netherlands I’d arrange a meet-up just for you! :D

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Count me in for that juice @sjarvie5 and @soyrosa😎

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We will :D

Have fun all. can't be there this saturday.. my kids have their sports and have to watch them as I promised it already

Ofcourse! :D It's super last-minute and we'll have more meet-ups in the future for sure, announced a bit earlier probably ;-) Enjoy your Saturday!

Sooo many Dutchies! Just three weeks to late for us, even if we would get on the plane now we wouldnt make it in time ;-) have fun the 31st!

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Hahahaha! Instead I should make it my goal to reach your side of the world :') Cheers!

Thanks for the invite @soyrosa! Unfortunately I’m on vacation in Italy and cannot attend :( I do wish you all a very good night!

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A holiday in Italy is a good enough 'excuse' :D Enjoy it! Next time I'll announce it a few weeks in advance again, this was a bit last-minute for special reasons :-)

Thanks :) It was last minute indeed 😂 I hope you guys enjoyed it.

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Oh I wished I could make it ... but unfortunately I really can't. My 11 year old dog Rowan gets a heavy surgery today ... so I won't leave him alone tomorrow.

Hope Rowan is fine after the surgery! :-)