Steem Meetup L.A. - Aug 31st. // Save The Date!

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That’s right, it’s Meetup time!

If you are in the Southern California area and are looking to come meet with some other local Steemians, then please mark your calendars for Saturday, August 31st!

Edit- Depending on how many people we have interested we may need to play with the dates a bit. Possibly a Monday morning brunch etc could work better for people. Feel free to DM me your ideas.

I am still working out details (so stay tuned for that), but we will be doing a casual Meetup somewhere downtown on Saturday evening.

I decided last minute to attend the Bitcoin is_ conference in L.A. being put on by Russell Okung (of the Los Angeles Chargers). His mission is to tell newcomers about bitcoin and blockchain technology, and is trying to onboard the “normie” masses essentially. To me this event really needed a Steem presence, so I decided to splurge (when I really shouldn’t), and make the trip.

This has always been a clear use case for Steem to me - incorporate crypto and blockchain technology into individuals normal lives, in and easy and fun way. So this event seems right up our alley.

I have been wanting to get a meetup together for awhile, and I figured that since I would be in town, it was the prefect opportunity to organize one.

I am also going to do my best to round up a few surprise guests, no promises... but I’m gonna give it my best effort.

So if you are in the L.A. area and would like to attend, make a comment below!

Based on the estimated numbers, I’ll organize the location etc. It could be as simple as getting a beer at a pub, or if I can round up some support ... and maybe some big bitcoin names 😱... it could be a little conference of sorts. I’ll see what I can make happen in a week! 🙃

More details to come!

Hope to see you there,


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Next Saturday? I'll see what I can do...

Me: Cheapest way to get from Adelaide, Australia to Cali, USA?

Also me: Stow away on a Qantas flight.

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Now that’s the spirit!! See you Saturday 🙃😉😜😘

My shout for the first round. If I'm not there, your shout.

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Come visit Portland OR too!!!

Oregon is on the list...Now to find something to stow away on to get there! I could hitch hike I guess...

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I'm down. Im in the Santa Monica area. I can get downtown but the beach is nicer lol. Looking forward to meeting some more steemians.

Right on!!!

I’m open to play with location/dates of course. Brunch near the beach sounds lovely as well 😍

All options open.

@Steemseph is probably closer than I am.

I wish I could join! Have fun guys! :)

Wish I could go but too short a notice for me! Still looking for my first meetup after almost two years here! Soon...

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Have fun!

Are you on the SoCal Steemit discord? That seems the perfect place to share this.

I’m not, I should probably be though 🤔

Wish I could join you guys, have fun !

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Come north and visit the Portland d meetups. And I'd love to come to your Meetup one day!!!