ET Contact, Meditation, and CSETI with Steven Greer and Emery Smith - Part 3 (Aug. 2012)

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Steven Greer was a large influence for me years ago. I do not sign on to all his statements, opinions, or claims, but I do feel he is a great person to listen to in the early years of one's UFO and ET research.

Personally, it only makes sense to me that there would be both positive and negative ET's. Greer seems to say they are all benevolent. Regardless of your opinion there, the accounts from this era of the CSETI journey are stunning.

They are some of the most insane and extreme contact stories I have ever heard.

(Above text is pasted from Part 1 and Part 2.)

Part 3

Dr. Steven Greer and Emery Smith: Report on the Mt. Shasta CE-5 Contact Expedition (Aug. 2012):

With much respect and curiosity,


you will hate everything this video says, at first, but if you're truly seeking Truth, well worth a go:

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