Ivanka Trump farted 25 years ago.

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You got to see it to believe it folks.😄
TDS has gotten so bad that you have large publications like Daily Mail posting stories like this.

The media didnt want to cover Hunter Biden pedophilia allegations nor ties to China and Russia but this they cover.
Apparently an ex friend of Ivanka Trump talked shit about her and mentioned that one time when they were kids Ivanka farted and blamed it on another girl.
If you ask me, it was a clear case of: "Who smelt it dealt it."

I think its high time that Ivanka comes out and makes a public statement about these fart allegations.
The public deserves to know! Was she the one that let it rip?

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If Ivanka did it once, I bet Donald Trump farted at least 4 times and blamed it on someone else

Oh my, oh my what will the media do if Trump leaves office? What will they write about? Who will they call Hitler then?
Maybe they finally start reporting on the Biden family. Since theyre so interested in Ivankas farts, maybe all it takes is for Ivanka to fart on Hunters laptop.
Hey, i heard worse ideas.

That might just make the laptop interesting enough to the media for them to cover the story. 😂


#DailyMail will run out of ideas after this 😂 Did #Ivanka really fart?

We need her to make a public statement.

Joe winning the election sure took Hunter off the front pages.

it sure did. :)

Who made an allegation against Hunter Biden? Name the person who accused him in a court of law?