Is SoMee redefining social media?!

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I did it again: I posted into the group SoMee Official LOL.

And I can already see two things in this, and I'd like you to take this into consideration as well:

  1. Still if you open a posting like this one mentioned here and do your upvote, it is not going to be counted. I don't know what's going on behind the scenes with this upvote, but you should consider that there's no author and no CURATION reward for you and me in there.

  2. 99 % of people, even the decent ones we know, are going to upvote the posting, without even noticing the first line of the posting and what it is all about.

And under these two precursors to me it's a waste of resouses to hang around on SoMee and collecting Points. There's no "social media" going on there so far. It's just milking the investors, developers, AND authors and curators.

Let's see whether there's any conversation going on. Steem on!! (sic!)

Thanks for the picture to IgorShubin and Pixabay

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