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I have started utilizing some Dapps built on the Steem blockchain to increase my awareness, engagement and to maximize my curation. So I decided to write a short essay sharing some tips for utilizing automation to help you maximize your curation rewards in ”NewSteem”.

Automatic Upvotes

This is part two of my essay series on maximizing curation after HardFork 22. The focus of NewSteem is curation, so this my second tip on using automation to help you maximize your curation rewards in ”NewSteem”.
As you may know, the curation voting window on posts is technically maximized by voting at 5 minutes after the post is published, but it’s hard to watch the blogs of all your favorite authors to be able to upvote their posts right at five minutes and voting a few hours or days after on a popular post is definitely recommended to support the author, but I would like to suggest a few ideas to help you increase your earnings while still supporting your favorite authors.


This application has many tools, so I will talk about the two I use to increase my curation rewards.

This is for upvoting posts.
I use fanbase to upvote my favorite bloggers. You can choose how many posts you will upvote and the percentage of your voting power to use on those upvotes. You can also choose the time you vote 5 minutes, 10 minutes or some other time period which you pick. This helps you make sure no voting power is wasted each day. It helps to remember these ideas when setting up your voting: you have ten 100% votes per day. So if you choose 50% you now have 20 decent size votes to reward your followers, your favorites and new artists you meet.

Comment Up voting.
This is for upvoting comments on your posts.
Another nice feature is comment upvoting. Part of engagement on Steemit is rewarding people who view your blog posts and leave a comment. I enjoy reading these comments and replying with a comment and an upvote, but this feature allows me to reward people who follow me comment even if I miss their comment! The day they leave it. They still get a reward and later I can leave a comment.

I like being able to schedule an upvote on authors I like 5 minutes after their posts come out, to maximize my curation rewards and allow me to leisurely read the posts later. I also like that I can schedule those posts with 100%, 50% or even 5% voting power, so I always have enough voting power left for manual curation. It helps me to earn Steem and still engage through manual curation. But also automate small upvotes on comments to help the new ones grow.
I strongly suggest you try out this application. You can learn more by following blog of its creator @mahdiyari
Follow link here:

Post Notifications
As you may know, the curation voting window on posts is technically maximized by voting at 5 minutes after the post is published, but it’s hard to watch the blogs of all your favorite authors to be able to upvote their posts right at five minutes and voting a few hours or days after on a popular post is definitely recommended to support the author, but I would like to suggest a few ideas to help you increase your earnings while still supporting your favorite authors. One way to know when your favorite authors post is to use a notification Automaton or BOT. GINA stands for General Instant Notification Automaton.. It’s a type of BOT. A “BOT” is “a software program that performs a certain function” .

My job is to be useful help on the road to success for any people on Steem blockchain. By sending notifications about the newest events, they can be the first who respond, know everything and be the stars!
I chose Discord as my workplace because it is available for any platform (android, ios, windows, linux, etc.) so I can reach anyone.

picture by @federacion45

What does GINA BOT do?
These are the functions it is capable of and if you use it, you can pick and choose them cafeteria style from the website:

  • comments
  • followers, unfollowers
  • mentions
  • word watch (mention of custom text in comments/posts)
  • resteems
  • new post from any author
  • new post with any tag
  • blacklist user(s) (no notifications about blacklisted user actions)
  • upvotes, downvotes
  • cancelling of votes
  • money transfer (in and/or out)
  • witness vote (with useful details)

How do I use it?

I like this application because it notifies me whenever one of authors I follow uploads a new post. I have a list of people I follow on the Ginabot website. The application notifies me they posted, gives me the title and provides a URL link, so I can go directly to the post to read, comment and upvote. It’s very useful for getting that curation vote in early. This is useful for manual curation.

Additionally, GINA can be notify you when someone comments on your posts, upvotes your posts, sends you a memo or sends you Steem. This allows you to control the amount of information and the website is easy to use, so you can adjust the notifications up or down, if you get to many notifications or to few.

Lastly, GINA also gives me very useful information about the notification. For example if someone upvoted my post, it tells me what post they upvoted, who it was, what’s their reputation score, how much Steempower do they have, what % upvote did they give me and what is the value of the upvote.

How Do You Get Gina Bot?
The process is clearly explained by the developer in detail, in this post
And the signup process starts in Minnow-Power discord.
So that’s my suggestion, so you don’t miss any articles of your favorite blogger.


There is a minimum amount of either author or curation reward that a post or comment must earn for you to get paid. I didn’t know this when I started and wondered why my smallest rewards didn’t show up in my wallet after seven days. If your rewards earned are less then 0.020 you don’t get paid. Those rewards are called “dust”. That’s frustrating because that reward of 0.019 might be your first author reward, but it doesn’t get paid to you. Sadly all you need is 0.001 more to get paid.
Fortunately there is a solution called “dustsweeper”.


You get rid of dust rewards with a program called “dust sweeper”. “Dust sweeper” is a bot; A bot is an automatic computer program which performs a function or carries out a transaction. If you pay the “Dustsweeper” fee, the “dust sweeper” ”bot” checks each of your post author rewards, your curation rewards and your comment rewards on day # 6 and if any are less then 0.02 and it upvotes them enough to get paid. This eliminates the “dust rewards”. So now you get paid a little for each post you write or comment you make. And l think these small payments mean a lot when your new.

How does it work?
You pay 1 SBD and the bot uses your money to upvote your posts at the dust reward level until it’s almost gone, then it messages you in your wallet to pay some more.
You might be thinking your just getting your own money back, but that’s not the whole story. The upvote is added onto the existing upvote rewards which are less then 0.02. So you get your money plus the upvotes. Which is a net gain every time.
Follow this link to sign up✍️:

DustSweeper Sources

  1. Dust sweeper Explained:
  2. Dust sweeper FAQ:
  3. Dust sweeper update:

Other tips

Create Posts


While 50% curation rewards make curating attractive, if you have a small amount of Steem Power you should try to post daily to earn votes on your posts.



You need to engage or interact with others on the platform. Read other peoples posts, leave commnets related to the post, ask questions, given compliments, in general be positive or very careful about any negative feedback. Steemit is a social network that pays its users for engaging and interacting with each other through comments and upvotes.

Find a niche.


It is usually easier to read and comment about material your interested in and even better if you have some expertise. Steemit has lots of tags, so begin by looking under tags which interest you. Also consider joining a tribe on Steem Engine which interests you.

Use Pictures


A picture can attract eyeballs or interest to your post, so make it related to the topic of your post. Pictures can be the difference for many people when they are deciding whether to click on your post or not, so use pictures, give sources and citations when they are not yours, but if yours take credit. Never use other [peoples pictures and say they are your own, as the penalty for plagiarism here can be severe. If you don’t take good pictures or if you don’t have any pictures related to your post I suggest you go to or for images you can use in your post.

Post consistently


You should try to write a post every day. If possible stick to one area and build a reputation for posting about that subject. If you post consistently people will look forward to checking out your posts and you will build a following. Do not spam because that will give you a bad reputation and people will not click your post.

Plan your posts
Plan out your week with regards to what you are going to write and be on the look out for interesting things to photograph and write about when your not at home.

Learn all the tips and tricks.

Steemit is a complicated platform and there are a lot of rules, tips and tricks. So read all the articles about tips and tricks you can and take advantage of these articles to ask questions about the platform related to the topic. I think people who write articles about Steemiit are a resource, so I ask them questions. I have learned a lot by reading and asking questions.

Don’t sell your Steem Power it Up.


Don’t sell Steem, save Steem Power. Your influence on the platform is determined by the amount of Steem you have, so save all you can and grow. This makes your votes worth more, it attracts votes from people with Steem Power and you earn Steem based on your Steem Power.

Stay thirsty for knowledge my friends.


✍️ written by Shortsegments



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Great post @shortsegments. Steemauto is an indispensable tool but it did take me a bit to dial it in just right so I still had enough voting power for manual votes.

The only thing I have not yet tried is dust sweeper but I think I may deposit an SBD today and see how it goes. Thanks for the info and the links.

Posted via Steemleo

BTW is "a SBD" not "an SBD". 🤣

This is by far one of the most informative blogs I've read for a very long time and to see it at just $2.28, shows that some sort of promotional tool is needed to gain greater exposure. This is where bid bots were a great option.

I only saw it as at @summertooth resteemed it. Now I have, even I'm thinking of trying #dustsweeper

I'm going to deposit a GFY into your account asap Welshie.
Let me no when it get's their.


Posted via Steemleo

Ohh I got it!! Thank you I appreciate a good GFY.... 👌

FYI, its get THERE, not THEIR

after HF 21 investors are finding new ways

The automation has killed the engagement just to benefit the most from programmed rules on the blockchain. I prefer all the way manually. :)

Thanks for bringing these very essential tools to mind. They were really useful to me when I started and I almost cant do without them. I wish ginabot functions were extended to tribes as well.

Posted via Steemleo

Your welcome. I am glad you find the information help.

good informations! Very well written

Thank you

Muy valiosa tu información, el que mas utilizo es SteemAuto, desconocía el programa Ginabot, lo voy a utilizar, desconocía el limpiador de polvo, además debo de activarme mas como lo indicas en tu post, realizar publicaciones diariamente para aumentar para ganar, en las publicaciones, tomare en cuenta las etiquetas de los autores, voy a tomar tu consejo de planificar las publicaciones y estaré atento a cosas importante que puede aparecer en mi entorno diario, y llevar un pequeño anotador, es verdad hay que tener sed de conocimiento

Some good milking tips. The problem is that when small fish follow these recommendations we call it to maximize your curation, find your niche and interact with others but when bigger fish using this approach we call it circle-jerking and milking and raping reward pool.
But bigger fish are smarter from the start with investing in steem power and not powering down.

I agree that the use of these tips is interpreted differently at different times by differently people depending on the variables involved. Unfortunately this variability in rules is a harsh part of a decentralized to extent ecosystem.

Good infos. I know some. Useful article thanks

Thank you.

Appreciated Sir. @shortsegments.

I am very happy to have found this publication of yours.
Coincidentally I have some concerns about steemauto and I am sure that you, respected Sir, could help me with that.

I have been a steemauto user for more than a year, little by little I have been maximizing its use and taking advantage of its advantages. Until now I had joined a couple of curation trails.
But I am currently looking at the other side of the coin. I mean, now I am setting up and managing my own curation trail.

I am doing this together with my friend @crypto.piotr in order to give more dynamism to the activities of our @project.hope.

I would like to share a link with your person and ask you very respectfully that if possible provide a comment. We have shared this link with few people so far since we are still at an early stage of this modality.

Thanks in advance.

Hello. I will read the link. The curation trail sounds like a good idea for your project.

Thank you very much Sir.

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