Who is Using #marlians? Increasing my Stake today.

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My plan is to start taking a more serious stake in a few tribes and decided the first one will be Marlians. I might need to start up accounts for each token as I increase my stake since there will be a lot of wasted voting power otherwise...but that will be a future issue to deal with.


After seeing the support that @surpassinggoogle gave to @pifc on their Weekly Curation Contest last week when they featured posts with the #marlians tag I have decided to increase my personal stake starting today.

@surpassinggoogle not only gave the @pifc post a full upvote, but he also went to all of the entries that had been made by that point and supported them with a nice upvote. This was hundreds of MARIANS that are now part of the PIFC community which will help us support the Marlians Tribe. It's a perfect Win-Win for a tribe to support actual manual curators that are hunting for real content...not those trying to snipe the biggest curation rewards on already massively overpaid posts.

@pifc's idea of featuring different tribes has been to increase exposure for the tribes, increase rewards for those using the proper tribe tag, and like always to help smaller bloggers increase their earnings.

Think that helping expose more people to the different tribes out there is very much in the culture of #newsteem and maybe more importantly it's 100% in the spirit of @pifc's culture of being inclusive of the entire steem community.

Whats your story.jpg

Personal posts lead to increased user base?

@surpassinggoogle has encouraged people to blog about their lives...hence the "What's Your Story" image. Is this the path to an increased user base? I'm not sure, but I think it's worth trying and supporting. People love other social media because they get to talk about themselves and share their lives.

This type of posting might not be appealing to most of steem, but it is appealing to that persons network of friends and family. If they can bring over a few friends who then bring over a few it becomes a snowball effect. Let people interact like they do on other social media sites, but with rewards and we might just have a long and profitable future.

Today's stake and my goal

Currently I have 5,460 MARLIANS staked

Today I put in a purchase order to bring this to 6,000. Now since I'm a patient person I didn't do a market order, but rather am waiting for people to sell some of their stake at my price which is the highest offer currently.

My plan is to use post rewards and trading profits to bring my total up to 10,000 MARLIANS by Dec 1st, and 15,000 by Jan 1st.

I know this isn't a huge financial investment, but it's the largest I've made into any tribe to date and one I feel very comfortable making to help a community that has shown to help out smaller members.

Who is using #marlains?

If you use the Marlians tag on a regular basis please let me know. I will check out your blog and if I like the content will add you to my follow list.

If you aren't using the Marlians tag, why not? It's a general content tag and can be used by everyone.


I have almost 10,000 marlians. I spoke to @surpassinggoogle today in Bangkok, nice chap!

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You made it to steemfest! Very cool. I wish that I could justify that, but in the process of saving up to open a storefront for my comic and toy business. Hope you have a good time in Bangkok!

@surpassinggoogle has supported a few different weeks of pifc contests and each time it was in a very solid way. Never even leaves a comment, just does his thing and moves on without looking for any gratitude.

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You have received 5x upvotes from the members of @steemexplorers from your free link submission in our discord server. Steemexplorers is an initiative bringing information on various Steemit services and communities in a central discord to save you time and help you grow. It's free, it's easy, and it's here to help you in so many ways. Come by our discord to learn more! Link to Discord: https://discord.gg/6QrMCFq. Our team also offers an additional upvoting service called @givememonsters where you can presently trade in 1 to 10 DEC from the Steem Monsters game for up to $0.03 upvotes on ANY steemit posts. The vote purchasing value here is some of the best returns on your investments that you can find anywhere so come by and visit this service today!

I have started using it since I started joining zapfic. Now there will be more reasons to use the tag often. 😉👍

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You have taken @pifc by storm with your winning streak on the curation contest. Glad that my vote will help you grow faster.

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Thank you for the votes. But there's a bigger reason why I join weekly. I actually enjoy looking for undervalued posts and helping them get some attention. As a new account, I feel that it also helps me improve my contents. 😊😊

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You can tell the people that do things for the votes...you clearly aren't one of them. The way I look at the votes is different then many probably do. Instead of seeing it purely as a way to reward content or to earn rewards like many, I view it as a way to encourage people who I feel are good for Steem as a whole and give them a little more influence.

My vote isn't large enough to change someone's post rewards in a meaningful way, but over time I hope my support of good people helps make Steem a better place by keeping the good people engaged with the platform.

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Your support and encouragement is highly appreciated 😊😊 thank you so much.

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I was using #marlians... then I stopped, now I'm using it again. 😁

Good to know you have added it back. So many tags to choose from right now.

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If you ask me, the best Tribes at the moment are: SteemLeo, CreativeCoin, Neoxian and ReggaeSteem. I'm focusing on the last 3 because I rarely post about investments. 😁

I like Neoxian and CreativeCoin also. Both are great projects.

As for Reggae...it's so niche. This is great for those who love the music and are active in the community. Niche is a good thing, but means I for sure would need to create a new account purely for this token before I considered investing an real amount into it. Just not sure I want to go down that road yet.

SteemLeo is the exact issue for Reggae and honestly I don't want to read about investing from most of those who post investing ideas here. I was licensed in this world for years and handled a lot of money for other people so have a good grasp on this on my own and have to hold back way to often when reading people's investment ideas on steem. So much stupidity out there.

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The freewriters use it pretty frequently! Check out the comments under @mariannewest's daily freewrite topic posts for links to Steemian freewrites, and of course @freewritehouse itself.

I very much enjoyed the freewrite from @stinawog yesterday, and she used the tag.

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@mariannewest should be on my autovote list...not sure why she isn't. Thanks for reminding me to take care of this...actually stopped typing and took care or it. Like PIFC the free write prompts she puts out each day helps keep people engaged with Steem IMO.

A lot of freewrite posts get featured for pifc curation contests and are posted on the Pimp Your Post event each week. Always enjoy reading people's stories and thoughts.

Will take a look at that post later today when my VP recharges a little. Thanks for pointing out someone else's good work!

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Thank you so much!!

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You are very welcome. Sometimes with running a project I realize that I miss out on opportunities to reward others that are doing a good thing...and worse run out of time to make sure at the very least I tell them I appreciate what they are doing. Sorry it took so long to show the appreciation I have for your efforts.

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