#roadtosteemfest - I Finally Caught Up. I Will Attempt That Trip To Steemfest 4, Thailand.

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So finally, i have caught-up and i will show you evidence in this post. It started some 3-months ago, where a contest-series began (by @anomadsoul) that invites us 'to take the #roadtosteemfest' by submitting post-entries covering 10-topics. I have finally submitted all my entries.


Here are my entries:

Now, days away from Steemfest-4, the Philippines immigration is what is left to scale. I have an airfare-ticket already and i will be attempting the trip to Thailand but i doubt i will have an extra dime for the journey, so I am hoping the immigration don't give me a hassle and just let me go. 

It is Nov-2 here and i have a collection of bills and house-rent to pay. Plus, each day when i am away, i will have to pay for the sustenance of my dad, including his daily-meds. 

It isn't easy at all. I really hope i can manage to enjoy even one day in Thailand. I experience so much excruciating pains each day and this is one reason why i hardly go out or have leisure. 'Pains!'

When i am somewhere else, i just want to go home. I practically can't enjoy anything, especially physically but i will try. I have had pains like this for years and this has changed so much about my formation, especially my brain. So, where you see me laugh etc, still check on me because 'i just laugh'.

Ultimately, i will be taking that trip to Thailand, so don't be surprised if you see me at SteemFest. 

I also applied to have a round-table at the event. Where i have one such table, i will be speaking about 'Ulog'.

Here is an outline of what i will cover at a mini-workshop table: 

1. What is your story?

I have looked at the 'internet' intently (especially in the perception of a legit-illiterate) and i have sought ways to enhance it or remove its "barriers to entry", making it available to every(any)one.It is established; on the internet, 'content is king'. Tampering these dynamics beautifully to bring about 'balance', we have looked to create room for an internet, where 'content is queen'. To this effect, a form of content called "ulog" was born.

2. What topic is your session about? Why is it important?

This segment will cover topics like:

  • What exactly is a ulog and how grand can it be? 
  • What is ulogging? 
  • Who is a ulogger? 
  • What is a ulogacy? 
  • Can anyone ulog? 
  • Why should i ulog? 
  • etc

Not everyone feels competent as a blogger or vlogger. Participants will realize that there is now room for everyone in the world of content-creation/content-curation, courtesy of the art of ulogging. 

3. How and why will it inspire, engage, motivate and affect people?

Content-creation/content-curation can play a more testimonial role in the life of humans when it becomes more of 'a culture' and applied towards 'consciously mine/evolve the human'. The art of 'mining the human' is a key curriculum missing in world-renown curriculums and 'ulogging' fills this gap. At the end of the workshop, participants will have learned everything about the 'concept of ulogging' or will have become aware of its existence. This will allow them to explore the art of 'content-creation/content-curation' in new-found ways, inciting them to produce more content.Entrepreneurs, website-owners etc will gain insight into how they can integrate a 'ulogging-style' of content into their existing enterprises or web-interfaces. Marketers will become aware of another handy approach to 'content-promotion'.Each one can add one more line to their resumes, which is, 'i am ulogger'


If you see me at Steemfest, come to me. I am plain to see. Relegate reservations and say hi. I don't have that fancy face but i am 'your boy terry'. Together, we can surpass google.

Note: I will do a separate 'Thank you' post for many who helped me with this journey. 

Your Boy Terry


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I missed this because I have been having a difficult time reaching the marlians site, especially the "post" feature. I am still using the tag however, and I see other posts, so I recognize that it is a problem I have and not a problem with the site.

I am so happy and excited for you. It is so awesome that my favorite writing project on the blockchain will be represented at STEEMFEST.

Best wishes to you and hopefully you will be able to find a place to rest your head (even if you don't sleep) and you will be able to get your massage.

I keep sending you trendotoken and beer, hopefully those make a tiny difference. I don't know what prices will be like at STEEMFEST but I sure hope that all your wishes come through.

I am rooting for you.

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You are very sweet. Thank you for everything.

And the funny thing is, i won't forget all this. I am 'your boy terry'.

I will see fitinfun and ofcourse your name will be in our midst.


And yes the massage. You really care to have remembered

I won't say "GOOD LUCK" because some people think it as a bad luck, my well wishes for your success in getting a visa, round table and conveying your message about Ulog are with you from the bottom of my heart.

Have a nice & successful SteemFest.

Thank you alot

So glad to see it coming together for you, @surpassinggoogle. See you there!

(nice short post!)

Thank you alot. No home though. You are already there? And you noticed the short post part.

I will leave by bus on Mon Night and arrive by train on Wed afternoon. @surpassinggoogle. You should be able to get a cheap hostel bed on booking.com. Even on the day you want the bed. Just do not go there until you have reserved online for the cheapest rate.

Keep posting short posts once or twice a day and all will improve :)

See you soon!

Yes! He did keep it short and sweet this time ;)

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Haha! Gotta keep him honest, @metzli. One short post a day is what I am pushing :)

Yes, hope this Philippine Immigration Bureau will be kind to you.
They do have bad reputation too 😡

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Hi hope really. I am going with a ph passport too. Cos I won’t have an extra piso going there. I won’t even have accomodation there in Thailand. It is like go there and figure things out while there.



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