My Second Night In Bangkok But I Haven’t Reach The Steemfest Venue Just Yet.

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Hi this is your boy Terry and your boy Terry is a constant whether bulls or bears

his name is surpassinggoogle across the internet. 

My second night in Thailand and I haven’t seen any steemian yet. Well, I haven’t got to the Steemfest venue and all; hopefully tomorrow.

I practically got stranded before I arrived in Thailand. I had small money but the exchange rates in the city where I am at is quite high and money finished.

Plus, I am too ill and weak that I can’t do too much. I just retired today after trying and I have pushed my hustle till tomorrow again. I will try rest early so that I can push better tomorrow. I know I am not too far from the Steemfest journey.

My PC got bad too.

I will need to learn how to change steem to fiat here. 

I didn’t get a SIM either.

Well, I am glad I am here and save and perhaps closer to possibilities.

What more, yes Thailand is quite like the Philippines but perhaps a bit more sophisticated; the vibe more touristy.

An issue though is language barrier and I think maybe having to do with where I am at, it has been expensive.

Day time is like night time here with people dressed up and boozing from morning till the early morn.

Food so far hasn’t been my favorite. I don’t like food overall, except where food has some soul.

I haven’t eaten much here yet but I can tell how food is based on the undertone of a location overall.

I did eat some cold rice and once, ‘street food’; cold too!

I will try to get to the Steemfest venue tomorrow with better hope of success.

stay awesome

your boy Terry


I'm very glad you made it there and I'm hapy that you are okay sir terry, goodluck on your journey, take care always and get well... for sure god will bless you!

In Jesus name amen.

Thank you a lot. Jehovah bless you too

Good luck@ And I hope you get there very soon.

Maybe some steemians can exchange steem for fiat?

Sending you well wishes.

Thank you a lot. Fitinfun said so too. But I haven’t been able to reach the venue even. Hopefully today

Nice to hear you are there man! Good luck!

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Thank you. Hopefully I can reach the steemfest venue today

A journey of perseverance and determination! You will make it. Perhaps Steemians at SF 4 might be your best bet for Steem to fiat exchange!

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Yes if I get to the venue. Hopefully today. I have been some 24 mins away.

So happy you finally got to Thailand. I pray that God will strengthen you. All the best bro

In Jesus’ name amen. Thank you a lot

Greetings friends who have a lot of success.

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Thank you a lot

See you tomorrow, there should be food laid on if it’s anything like SF3.

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I will try to be there.

I'm so excited to hear this news that you successfully reached Bankok. Godspeed brother.

I hope to see you smile back and your humanity projects taking a course after steemfest4.


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I hope so too. Haven’t got to the venue till now though.

You will get there. God will make a way for you

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Congratulations @surpassinggoogle!
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