I Love Steem

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I can’t say much just yet as my PC stopped working since I arrived in Thailand so I will keep this short; i love steem.

i resounded those words again yesterday and yes, ’i love steem’.

We have been in its stories and histories, it has been part of my stories and histories, I want to be there when it succeeds.

Dreams are equal to reality now! There can be a home on the internet now.

Steemians have stayed. Steemit INC has stayed. Steem has managed to stay. This alone is an admirable reason why, steem will begin to flourish.

Plus, ‘your boy terry’ isn’t a concept, it exists, it is established, it has stayed and according to me, that‘s something!

Your boy Terry


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And kindly vote the ‘steemgigs’ witness.



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Steem all the way boss

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Short still gets the message through. Perhaps your laptop is on the fritz so you can concentrate on being at steemfest instead of writing about it?

Either way, i am sure there will be lots of writing from you when you return.

Very happy for you and sending lots of blessings.

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Glad you made it to the Fest Terry, I hope the week has been fruitful for you.

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Yeah STEEM's the bomb when it comes to blogging and the internet, and especially for finding out about new trendy technical niche steem related things! STEEM is like liquid GOOGLE, but fungible too! lol it's surpassinggoogle!