I Arrived At The Steemfest Venue Today!

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Stress your neck a bit on my behalf.

So I did get to the Steemfest venue. I walked. It ended up being near my place. I was sick the whole time though, like dying sick. I wanted to stay throughout the duration of the event but I was struggling. I am bed now but still struggling.

My PC got spoilt too and it has hampered matters. I am to talk tomorrow and I don’t have slides ready. Unable to login to gmail via an internet shop computer as it needs extra verification via a sim which I don’t have.

I will find a way though. I have to. Perhaps have someone create a few slides and send that in. I am lost really.

I am hoping in my talk I can be shameless a bit and just open up. Well opening up doesn’t help much either. Who would just know how ill I am.

If I continue like this for even a bit more, I may lose life in one giant slump. I leave my life in Jehovah’s hands though. May there be a vindication in the end.

Your boy Terry

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Great news. I wish you a successful and favourful session there.

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I'm glad to see that your dream of steemfast is already manifesting, and indeed I'm sure there will be vindication. Congrats!

Wish you a successful speech session. I pray for strength for you and for God's supernatural healing.

@surpassinggoogle, You've cleared one obstacle brother and i believe that whatever hurdles and obstacles will come in your way you will going to clear them and you will succeed. Looking forward to see you through Live Stream.

Have a blessful time ahead brother and good wishes from my side.

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you are a good man. xD

Thank you so much for your kind words. Stay blessed. 🙂

Greetings, everything will work out with God's favor. Successes friend

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Stay confident bro! Everything will work out just fine. I am proud we have an African Representative in you man. Big up and remain blessed!

Congratulations @surpassinggoogle!
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There were pictures of you on the #steemitmamas discord with some of the mamas. You looked well in the pictures, sad to hear it was just looking well but feeling bad.

Keep your chin up my friend, you are there, you made it, keep going.

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Wishing you well! How was your talk today?

I'm truly happy you made it to Steemfest... Everything will go well, or even better than expected. Hang in there~! ☺

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