Forgiveness: The only Option of a Believer

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Eph.4.32 - Instead, be kind to each other, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, just as God through Christ has forgiven you.

Hello Beloved,
Have you been so hurt before now?
Lemme hype you a little,
Perhaps you're the most heart broken person the world has ever known. 🤷

So maybe you're bold to say, I'll never forgive that person because nobody in this world have hurt anyone has much as this person has hurt me.

But did you bother to ask if God has forgiven you for all the bad stuffs you did, the ones you're doing now and even the one you'll do?

Well, I have a little surprise for you.

🙄🤷Did I just hear you say MAN?

Yes you did, 100%.
But guess what,
He forgave.

If you choose to follow Christ, there's no other option left.
You MUST forgive.

Now let's look at something closely.
The Apostle said something a little different from what we have in the *Lord's Prayer.

He said,
"Forgive because you have been forgiven"
But the Lord's prayer will says,
"Forgive so that God will forgive you"

The Forgiveness pattern changed when God completed his show of Grace towards us in Christ. So it wasn't a result of our works (we forgiving others), but a product of his grace. He forgave us when we believed in Christ. This compels us the more to forgive others because we were forgiven when we didn't worth it.

Forgiveness is the fruit of our born again spirit. We forgive other not because they worth it, but because we didn't worth it either when we were forgiven.

God forgave you and he expected you to forgive others

That's one of the most beautiful ways to teach others of God's grace and kindness. By forgiving them even when you think they don't worth it.

"Unforgivingness, is like swallowing a deadly poison and expecting the other person to die"

If you do not forgive, you face the hurt and the other person moves on.

Live in the freedom of the Spirit, live a life of forgiveness.

That's who you are in Christ.

We're Believers!
We have been forgiven in the beloved.
Forgiveness is the fruit of our born again spirit
We find it VERY EASY to forgive, not because we weren't hurt so badly, but because we can never be so hurt to forget God's love and kindness

We Choose the path of forgiveness!
We live the life of God!.


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