Not Every Difficult Person Is Worth The Stress

in #marlians11 months ago (edited)

Dealing with difficult situations with friends and family can take a lot out of you. It can take your time, your money, be taxing to your health, and it isn't always going to be what is best for you.

Trying to resolve issues with and deal with difficult people isn't always worth it.

There are times when it can cause more harm than good.

Sometimes your peace of mind is worth more and you need to say goodbye to people who are keen to judge others, argue, and do little to change.

There are times when saying goodbye is going to be the best thing for you and for that other person.

Going around in toxic circles isn't going to serve anyone any good.

There are different strategies and skills that you can employ in order to try and deal with other people around you who might be difficult to be around. Different tactics that you can employ to try and maintain some sense of peace, or respectful communication, but they aren't always going to work. Not everyone is going to be receptive or meet you on that level. And if they aren't then maybe it's time to say goodbye.

Don't waste your time suffering, waiting for other people to grow.

You might just be dealing with a narcissist and even if they seem like they are intending to do better, they just simply lack the tools to understand you, or to feel any sense of guilt or self-awareness. They might just simply be incapable of grasping how they are contributing to the problem. That makes them a part of the problem, one that cannot be resolved.



Good advice. I'm currently going through some turbulence with a friend and have stepped away for a while. Don't know what I'll do in the long run but distance seems like a good idea.