The future of digital currencies

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Well recently came across various articles on steemit along where everyone was sharing how crypto will replace the fiat currencies worldwide by the end of 2030 almost after Deutsche bank researcher said that.

Very interesting to even think about how this will change the game of monetary system as this is the only thing that is left untouched for years and the demand for transparency easiness and fee less transactions is one rise and this is where blockchain along with virtual currencies which provide all these features might come handy.

Steem may play a role in this but the community have to take a step forward well this is a thing of the future but very interesting stance on the rise of crypto specially its here to stay for long and it could change the game.

Every central bank of countries is now running pilot projects for its digital currencies and how it can help them in future.

So are you excited for the future where digital currencies will be the first choice ?

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I have a question for you. I see that you send most of your Steem to Blocktrades.... is it to buy Bitcoin ? Ethereum ? Other ? Just curious and wondering if I should do the same. .... all the other alt coins I bought with Steem on Binance other than Bitcoin, lost most of their value.... much like Steem. But at least with Steem I still earn curation and author rewards.

well blocktrades is good to transfer instant funds to anywhere i love using it alt coins in this bear market is only good until you choose to take fast profits other wise they just keep tumbling down and down if it goes down i try to average it down and sell bear market sucks

Yeah... are you converting your Steem to Bitcoin or other ? Ethereum ? Litecoin ?

I tried BlockTrades for the 1st time. Was easy. Sent 10 Steem to buy $1 of Bitcoin on Shakepay

yup blocktrades is easy but why you were looking into my wallet huhh ?

I am trying to figure out what people do with their Steem. Is their a strategy to actually make any money with crypto ? I make about 10 Steem a week.... which is about $1 USD ..... not much.

We don't know what will happen yet, that's why we all HODL lol 😀

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