Most Powerful Punch In Boxing History


Thinking about the most powerful punch in boxing history, what does that actually feel like, and what will the recipient be feeling--- Hahahahaha that is definitely an overdose sleeping pills that will take effect instantly, or completely disorient you.

According to those who have taken a heavy punch in the face; they say it usually doesn't hurt too much(depends on the part of the face), but they say it knocks you out completely, sending you on a brief nap. 

Others added that a heavy punch in the face comes with a sort of "mental and emotional shock", they say it even hurts the person's pride even for just that moment, and physical the eyes get all teary and the nose have a tendency to run,   while some have blurry vision and losing control of their body movement(staggering all over).

Just like this  


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Watching the Legendary Mike Tyson do his thing, he was always always on fire, you can see from his movements; he was filled with surplus energy and excited about his fight. When he approached his opponent, he was fearless and confident, no matter the size the size of the other individual; even if they were bigger or taller or bulkier than him, it never got to him, seems like he already has it in his mind that he is a winner and moved like one.

How Mike Tyson Avenged Mohammed Ali

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As always Mike Tyson cane in fierce, knowing in his mind that he was a winner, and that he was going to take down the Homes who was a heavy weight champion for seven years straight. Homes who was all confident and carrying himself like a king, couldn't even believe his body when he took Mike Tyson' first right-hand punch, he was disoriented. Mike Tyson Just kept on coming at Homes, even tho Homes was much bigger than him, it didn't get to him. Mike Tyson kept on giving Homes that right-hand, he alternates to the left and I suppose by the fifth round homes humbly succumb to Tyson's KO. The match ended very well putting a huge smile on the Legendary Mohammed Ali' face, as Tyson did not waste the opportunity to avenge Mohammed Ali.

Mike Tyson still takes the lead on "the hardest punch in boxing history, followed by a few others; Ron Lyle, Joe Louis,  Wladimir Klitschko,  Lennox Lewis and a few others have taken the spotlight showing us how it's done.