Spice up your posts with some awesome banners

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Like this Gif?

How about this one?

There are a lot of great gifs and banners created by the community that can make your posts look a lot better. Even better, when you can use them on other social media platforms to promote Hive.

You are doing that right?

I save banners and gifs in a folder so I can use them (and I usually forget to actually use them but I want to change that), I also kept a few of the posts where I found them.

Check out these posts to find some fantastic resources for social media and your Hive posts.

@doze has some amazing work you definitely should be checking out like this:

@doze has a mountain of free animated banners and other graphics you can use.

Want a custom banner with your name on it?

Check out @zord189's post on how to get one like these:

I know I am missing some posts that had banners, if you know of any others please reply below with a link so I can update my collection.

We have a lot of talented creative people here creating great resources that can be used on social media.

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@doze has some awesome promotional artwork for Hive. I have been using them on Twitter.

He really does.

Thanks for using them geekgirl :)
This give me mood to make more

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I couldn't see the thumbnail in the feed, needs some more spice!! lol?

Screen Shot 2020-06-23 at 4.20.40 PM.png

Yeah I chose a gif as the lead.

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I love his work!

I need to up my gif banner game, thanks for sharing.

I love these. I'll read the other post. For now I'll save this page for later

True, banners really make our posts looks more beautiful. I think I know someone else who can do it too. @promzyelisha

Thanks a lot I’ve been needing some new stuff to spice up my posting templates. This is gonna help me out big time!

Perfect timing, I was looking for these; thanks for the collection!

Appreciate your mention

Love your work.

I'm uploading everything in Hive Marketing Discord https://discord.gg/FzsFDB
and Hive Discord https://discord.gg/2eCt6e

great stuff

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