Lily´s Got A New Travel Bag For The Flight!

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Market Friday... 17.1.2020 A Challenge brought to Us By @Dswigle.


I know I know...I am late in submitting this post... but I have an still busy packing things for our return flight to home base in a couple of days. We cut short our stay in Andalucia as we got a very important appointment back home. We were supposed to be here til end of Feb...Gosh! it was an expensive rebooking at 450 USD. With that money and adding a little more Euros, I could have a return ticket Malaga-Vienna-Malaga already. Oh well, we have more important things in life to to take care of...


Last Friday had been a hectic one (again!), but first off, I went to the Hair Saloon to have a haircut. I was there a month ago, but I decided to go back for a very short hair cut. I have known the owner for a long time since we live here in Andalucia during the winter months since more than two decades. I used to sport a long hair since my teenage time, short hair is easier to maintain.


The hair saloon is located at the end of this garden pathway on the right side. In Spring , the garden is full of blooms. I love to roam around because the beach is just a few meters away.

Lily´s New Bag


So I had been running again for lots of errands after the hair cut as I needed to get a few things before we leave. I got Lily, our chihuahua princess, a new flight bag as she has outgrown her old one and I felt so sorry for her during our last flight because the old bag became too small for her chubby size. So I looked around the shops and I found one that I think will be spacious enough which is still according to the size prescribed by the airline.


I prepared the cushion lining of the bag...then, we practiced Lily to get inside, but funny thing was she chose the old bag and went inside it, Lol!


Since the errands were all done , walked along the beach to breath a bit of fresh air and enjoyed the view of half of the Torrox coastline.

Thanking Denise of @dswigle for creating this fun challenge! If you would love to share your adventure on what or where your shopping spree was , come and join the fun and use the tag #marketfriday.

GIF by @gremayo


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It can be said that you are in a hurry with this post. Very good, congratulations!

Yeah, you could say that, I had to hurry because I only got a day to prepare and clean the house... and I was fed up with our internet last night as the signal was too weak that it took me 3 hours to finish this post, Lol! The signal came and went since we live up on the mountains. So I wasn´t able to post it last night... then only today morning, the signal was alright to post. Thanks for dropping by.

With pleasure! I'm sorry you have problems with the internet. It's upsetting.

So sorry to hear that you have to race back home again! Seems like you just got there to Andalusia. But sometimes just life takes over and we all need to do the things that we have to do. I hope everything is okay with you and your family and that it is nothing horrible. Just one of those things that needs to be done.

Isn't it so funny but she likes her old bag, but I guess that the other Feels Like Home Sweet Home. It's such a pretty bag and I hope she gets used to it. I want to thank you for taking the time to put those together and just know that I'll be thinking about you as you make your way back home and I hope that all is well.

#MarketFriday loves you!

Upped and steemed


Thank you so much my dear Denise... Sorry that I only replied now. I am between home and hospital daily since hubby needs to be thoroughly checked-up. He´s alright tho except for the hard breathing so he is under observation. I guess that´s the pitfall of aging. I also feel exhausted even for a little chore at home. In the days of my stressy corporate job, I still was able to blog, did household chores, made crafts, at the same time running an Etsy shop and it was exciting but there was the time constraints. My crafts, garden and dog were for me my stress reliever after a hard day at work. Oh well, the soc med took over and I seldom do crafts now that I am at home as a retiree. It seems as tho that time is again the big factor, lol!

Yeah, Lily´s bag is much much better and she didn´t have a problem, I think she likes it. You could imagine, on our flight to Zurich, Lily had been barking most of the time, and the passengers nearby were wondering where the barks were coming from.hehehe...Thanks for the tip, you are a generous person.

I hope they get to the root of his breathing problem. Was he a smoker?

Time is always so short, I don't care what we do. Working or not, I never have enough of it!

Isn't that always the way?

You are always welcome and I am so happy to have you back again, posting into the #MarketFriday!

Please don't forget to give yourself a little extra care at this time, it is so stressful having someone in the hospital and the running back and forth. So give yourself some extra care!

Have a great night!

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