Urban Soldier

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Well today should have been a day's grafting in the new studio.. But that's gone titty up and now not happening, but rather than wallowing in my own self pity. I've had a day in front of the laptop and finishing editing last weeks set for my pal..


I do love a bit of smoke, throw in a few rays of sun through it and I'm a happy chappy. No need to light it up with flash on this shoot, it was a glorious sunny day.


Bailey enjoy's playing soldier, often going airsofting. Which for me, looks like a rather more expensive (but cleaner) version of paintballing?

The shoot was mainly about the vehicle though.. Which is his new plaything.


Cool set pal, you'll have trouble getting one of those in now since the tyres are all piled up in the only way with a vehicle....

this was shot last saturday pal... loads of tyres in the first warehouse, access alright as you can see..

tbh, this place is getting shot a lot at the mo... I wont be back for a while now.

It's busy in there definitely. Maybe give Loxley a try?

Tbh pal.. I'm on the lookout for studio again..

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