Change in mamabot. Steemcleaners blacklist integration to escrow system.

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Hello there,
Hope all are doing good. Those who have used @mamabot already know about the features of it. One of the most useful feature of mamabot is the escrow which helps in buy-sell-trade of steem/sbd. This is mostly used by our native people.

Recently an update has been pushed in the bot mainly in escrow system. From now if any user is blacklisted by steemcleaners, they won't be able to use this feature anymore. If a buyer is in blacklist, the bot will reply like following:

In case a seller is in blacklist, he will be returned steem/sbd on verify deal command like following but this will happen only twice. That means if you try to send multiple time ignoring our warning, the money won't be returned (demo):

I have added another command to check if you are in any blacklist. This uses marky's blacklist api to check. Usage of the command: ..blacklist steem_username.
For any kind of information regarding mamabot, feel free to reach me on discord sourov#5422

Thank You Very Much


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