Make a Minnow #31 Winner Announcement / 10000 SP and PAL POWER delegation prize!

in #makeaminnow2 years ago

We are happy today to announce the winner for round #31! This round was a bit unusual but more about that in another post :)

DRUMROLL! Here are the final results!

The winner is @jordangerder who will be awarded:

  • a 4 week delegation of 10000SP from our sponsor @eturnerx
  • a 4 week delegation of 10000 PAL power from the @minnowsupport team
    *10 SBI units and surprise tokens also courtesy of @eturnerx

Congratulations to everyone and thank you @eturnerx and @minnowsupport for making this possible!

Thank you all for participating! We will be posting some new news on upcoming changes to Make a Minnow soon so stay tuned!

With love,
@juliakponsford, @clayboyn


Ey! congratulations @jordangerder

Wow thank so much friend 🤗

Hey, I am grateful for the opportunity they give me to be a user with a little power within the community, I will work hard to continue being so for longer and thus be able to support many quality content that is within the community, for now I will make the most of your delegation and support the users who deserve it, thank you very much and continue the great work, blessings and successes 😍

The delegation was made some time ago. The other prizes awarded today.