Make A Minnow #31/// Top Nominees and Voting Post

Welcome to the 31st Make a Minnow voting post!

This initiative is about awarding a minnow who creates quality content and supports fellow content creators in a community under the PAL/MSP umbrella and giving them a delegation prize as a reward for their efforts!

The prizes for this round:

  • 10k PAL POWER delegation for 4 weeks for first place. Sponsored by @minnowsupport
  • 10k SP delegation for 4 weeks for first place. Sponsored by @eturnerx
  • 10 SBI units (@steembasicincome) for first place, 3 for second, 1 for third. Sponsored by @eturnerx.
  • some additional surprise tokens sponsored by @eturnerx.

This Second post announces the start of the Voting Round and lists the nominees that have been selected. For this round anyone who is registered on PALnet may vote even if they did not nominate!

Here are the nominees who had enough nominations to move forward:


  • Only one other nominee had enough support to go through but has decided to decline participation for personal reasons.

  • Since we have no specific rule for this type of situation we will carry on with the voting round as a formality.

Giving our minnows the opportunity to have increased curation influence benefits the entire Steem ecosystem and should be considered a great honour. Please cast your votes below under the comment with the name you would like to support :)


New to Steemit and found my way here. I like this initiative. Helps spread the blessings in the ecosystem. Congrats to @jordangerder!

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