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RE: Make a Minnow #31 Contest Nomination Post! /// 10,000 SP and PAL delegation contest for PAL/MSP members

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I nominate @veryspider she is the very best, spinning her webs through not just the arty corners but all through the Steemiverse and beyond space and time as well. I honestly don't know of a better curator of the Steem blockchain, truly an engaged friend to many and not to mention an amazing artist in her own right. Empowering these 8 limbs will touch more accounts than one might think humanly possible, but that is because SPODER


Congratulations! @veryspider is a valid nomination.

aguh thanks carl but im kinda 4 legs out the door tbh :3

also thanks lele as well aaaaaaaaaah

4 legs is still twice as many as bipedal fleshbags. I am like 5 tentacles out the wormhole and 17 pseudopods in the airlock if anyone is counting

XD sounds like someone's got an accurate inventory of where ALL their limbs are!

Awww, I wish I could vote for 2 people. I agree with Justine and Carl, you're awesome @veryspider! I was assuming you already won it, I need to check the list so I stop missing people. If you don't win this time, i will nominate and vote for you next time as well! You've given so many helpiecakes it's ridiculous! ♥