Married At First Sight Season 11 Episode 15 Recap and Thoughts

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A pretty wild week before we head into decision day next week. Two couples seem headed toward doom and two that were looking great left the episode with more questions than they answered.

I don't even know where to start tonight. Lots to discuss about all four of the remaining couples and a lot to digest from tonights episode.

Might as well just dive right in with Amelia and Bennett. They've been amazing all season long but the definitely hit a strange issue tonight. Bennett was asking Amelia why she came on the show and Amelias answer was more or less that she thought it would be fun to be on a reality show. It almost seemed like it was just something to do before the next chapter in her life. A bad vibe to end on before heading into decision day.

I'd say we got a pretty clear picture of what decision day holds for Miles and Karen, they will not be staying together. After spending four loveless months together, it's become clear that these two just don't work together. They are clearly looking for something different from a partner than what they are receiving and I'm pretty sure Miles rejected a kiss from Karen as she left before decision day. The outlook is grim!

Another couple that is clearly going to say no on decision day is Christina and Henry. Henry has made up his mind and there is no redemption possible for these two. While it did seem like Christina kind of turned a corner tonight, her behavior this season has to make you question her sincerity in everything. Too little too late for this couple and I expect to see these two heading their separate ways next week.

Lastly we have Woody and Amani, who ended on a very bad note this week. I've been optimistic about this pair all season long but they haven't been perfect by any stretch. The issue tonight happened right before the couple parted before decision day. Amani and Woody were talking about what was going to happen on decision day and they started talking about what would happen if Amani said no. Woody really spiraled out of control during the conversation and dug himself a huge hole. Combine that with them getting a very bad edit in the preview for next week and you have to start wondering if these two will be parting ways next week.

A lot going on this week and I'm really looking forward to decision day.