Married At First Sight Season 11 Episode 13 Recap and Thoughts

in #mafs2 months ago

Well that's one way to blow past 6 weeks in this show. The couples were left alone for 6 weeks in quarantine and I'm not sure if anything really changed between any of them.

First off I just want to point out how awful the experts were tonight. Why was their no remote meetings between the couples and the experts for six whole weeks? And then you have the meetings and the experts almost exclusively gave bad advice. Yikes. Time for some new experts please.

Two bombshells dropped tonight. First off Olivia and Brett are done. I think most of us have been waiting for this to happen all season long. Brett is a man child and just not ready for a relationship of any substance. He couldn't accept responsibility for any of his actions all season long and then snuck away while Olivia was out. I'm so over Brett.

Second we end the episode with Christina essentially accusing Henry of being gay after someone contacted her saying that he had been meeting up with Henry and having sex with him. A very bizarre turn whether this is true or pure fabrication. This relationship was already on the rocks and now I can't see any way they manage to stay together on decision day.