Married At First Sight Season 11 Episode 12 Recap and Thoughts

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Overall a pretty good week for our couples. I'd say we only had one couple take steps backwards this week but with covid and a quarantine looming on the horizon that could change in the coming weeks.

First up lets talk about Olivia and Brett. This couple is headed towards a divorce right now and I honestly don't see that changing any time soon. I got the feeling that Brett has checked out of this relationship now. His attitude and body language did not look like a man committed to his wife and marriage. I hated how he tried to flip every problem back onto Olivia today, when we can all clearly see that he is the problem here. Can we sub in a new man for Olivia please?

A pretty good week for Woody and Amani. Their one monther anniversary seemed like a good moment for them. Woody is very much set on having and doing nice things which is both a good and bad thing. It's nice that he wants the best for Amani but the lifestyle doesn't quite seem realistic. Seemed like he wanted to use a good chunk of their budget of frivolous things and I hope that Amani can rein Woody in a bit on that subject.

Amelia and Bennett are in love! I was so happy when we found out Bennett had said I love you and Amelia responded soon after. I just love this couple and they really seem perfect together. Their biggest hurdle is going to be Bennett deciding if he wants to move with Amelia and I'm really hoping he does.

Since Karen and Miles have slowed things down, I think their relationship has really improved. Taking sex off the table was a great idea for them and its nice to see this couple making progress again. It feels like they are growing much closer right now and I'm slowly gaining optimism for them.

Lastly we've got Henry and Christina. Felt like we saw very little of them this week and their biggest moments came while talking with other people. Each of them has a big issue in the relationship that might prove insurmountable for the couple. Henry is not happy with the way Christina can be overtly rude at times. And Christina is looking for a more assertive man. I really don't think they have enough time left to get their relationship to a point where they'd both say yes on decision day.

The next few weeks are going to be very interesting as we get deeper into the pandemic. Sounds like the couples will be headed into quarantine and their relationships will be put to the test.


Are you going to do 90 days Fiance too? It's also an interesting show to comment on.

I probably won't be covering 90 days fiance. I've never watched before but I will try to check it out and maybe that will change my mind.