My Entry To Love The Clouds Contest 42

in lovetheclouds •  8 months ago 

Hi Steemian friends

Here is a quick doodle of a beautiful scene with clouds. I made it fast and easy using the vibrant colors I see during the late afternoon. I want to draw something with water color effect, something that looks washed and imperfect. This will be my entry to the contest of @tobetada the details of which can be found on the following link so check it out if you want to join

Thank you for dropping by

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Love it!

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Thank you so much 😊

Me gustaría participar,hasta cuando se puede hacer la publicación de la imagen?

What app do you use to do your art?

Sony sketch

I had a feeling!! It's the only art app I've kept downloaded and I've tried quite a few!

Do you use the Beta version? It allows for some awesome brush customization the regular version doesn't have.

I'm using the free app only.

The beta is free too, you just need to go to the Playstore and activate the beta version and then it will update :D

Oh I see. I didn't know that but thanks for letting me know I will give it a try 👍