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in lovetheclouds •  8 months ago  (edited)

Here's my entry for the #lovetheclouds contest by @tobetada

I caught these orange clouds reflecting on the lake at sunset.

A few mallards were breaking the calm water reflection in the lake.

Here's a view of the lake looking towards the sun.

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You have some gorgeous shots in here! Very nice!

Thanks got lucky with the orange clouds.

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Oil painting :-)

Bob ross style :-)

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Ооо :-)

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Wow! Very spectacular! Lovely sunset!

I hope the ducks swarm at the lake during fall, they form huge packs to eat the acorns in the evening. I'm planning on embedding my gopro in the midst of them.

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Good luck with your project!

Should be hilarious footage if it turns out i can herd them the right way

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Hope it’s a success! Waiting for your vid!

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great pictures

Thanks :-)

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