📷Love The Clouds Contest! #65 📷Clouds over the city of Caracas📷

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This is my entry for Love The Clouds #65 of contest organized by @tobetada.


Happy day for everyone, today I share beautiful clouds over the majestic city of Caracas Venezuela.


Caracas, the capital of Venezuela, is a cosmopolitan city where in previous times it hosted many citizens of different countries of the world and today it is the opposite, it is located in a mountainous valley at the foot of the spectacular mountain of Avila. which serves as the natural lung of the populous city, there is the Ávila Park or Waraira Repano and the Humboldt Hotel (in the process of remodeling), which is reached by cable car, in rustic vehicles or mountaineering for people who practice this type of sport. It is without a doubt one of the best tourist attractions that the city has. At a height of approximately 2100m and where you can enjoy the skating rink and a very cool climate.



Camera: Digital Kool
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