Love Island Season 2 Finale Recap and Thoughts


It's finale night and time to crown our winners of Love Island Season 2!

Well I think we all had a pretty good idea of how this vote was going to go and I'm pretty happy about the results. Justine and Caleb were the clear winners this season and I'm very happy to see them walk away with the $100,000. I've loved them for a long time and grew more fond of them with each passing week. So happy for them.

The rest of the vote saw Cely and Johnny in second place, Calvin and Moira in third and Laurel and Carrington in fourth. Not really any surprises there but I will admit I was hoping we'd see Cely and Johnny further down that list but I totally understand.

I'm not sure which of our couples will make it on the outside and that will all be compounded by long distance and the craziness going on in the world right now. They all have a uphill battle ahead but I wish them all the best of luck.