Our Ticket. Lotto.

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Our Lotto Ticket. Hive.

Lottery ticket for the Euro Millions lottery draw.

Each week, a ticket is purchased for each draw. A draw takes place on Tuesday and Friday. Quick pick is used to select the numbers.

Our Ticket



Good luck

First glance those numbers feel lucky, maybe we will connect with a couple and a star.

Think we have 3 numbers the same as the last ticket.

Just so long as it is not all tiny numbers for the regular pick or big numbers for the stars. I once read a story when the numbers were picked by a cage/air contraption and ping pong balls with paint that the weight of the paint would have an effect on which balls were captured more often. Do they still use ping pong balls and air cage for the draw or is it all flashy lights and computers now. It has been ages since I watched a lottery draw take place on TV.

Still the balls as far as I know, Not watched it for ages myself.