Lockdown In Cape Town Day 96 - Judiciary Has Failed

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Separation Of Powers Non-existent

The lockdown is now officially on it's 96th day, and only this week has government allowed the opening of restaurants and smaller business like hair salons, with insane regulations. While court cases are mounting up against the government in regards to the constitutionality of the lockdown, the judiciary which was once thought to be independent with a focus of uphold law in the country. This sentiment is very much fading at an unprecedented rate, and specifically comes after some rather important judgments, which have been ruled in favour of the irrational state regulations. Many of these regulations go far beyond just being irrational, it's something retarded six year olds thought up.

First was the unconstitutional case made against the state, and the judge did find the lockdown imposed by government as unconstitutional, then was given 14 day to amend regulations, respond or appeal. The state just didn't come back, they literally just ignored the court, to which the court then just reserved finial judgment in favour of the state. Next was the case against the state regarding the cigarette ban, one of only two countries in the world to impose such a ban. The public waited three week for the judgment, and the court sided with the government's unsupported, unscientific position that smoking could add massive strain hospitals, which have yet to be overburdened.

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"Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely." - John Dalberg-Acton

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Adding insult to injury another court case that was scheduled for tomorrow regarding the cigarettes ban, has been postponed until middle August. ?Usually when this happens, there is a very serious reason for doing so, unfortunately this time round the court was unable to give one, and when pushed by media and the lawyer on the other side, literally made up a lie. The said the plaintiff has submitted extra evidence which needed to be reviewed, which never happened.

The point is that it makes no logical sense to cut any form of taxable income, which the government desperately needs, especially with our unemployment sitting at close to 40% and more than half the country living off social welfare. All this and then our finance minister announces the South Africa is so economically fucked, we're in the same position we were in 1914. Hyperinflation here we come!

"They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Benjamin Franklin

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You're either laughing or you're learning.

Join me tomorrow for more lessons on these really easy to understand concepts.

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It's very sad to watch the descent into chaos of a formerly first world nation. But, enough about the USA. It's sad to hear about the corruption of your courts and government too.

It's become time for folks to join communities of like minded compatriots, because rampaging mobs are coming, and isolated individuals will not be able to maintain their security without the support a community can provide. It may be actually more possible to undertake in SA than in the USA today, due to your more dire situation and wider public recognition of your desperate straits.

Too many here remain in denial about the incipient pogroms, corruption, and criminal nature of our government, enemedia, and financial structures.


I really wish they would join like minded communities, unfortunately many people are too indoctrinated by racial division perpetuated my government and media here. Also the dependency on the government through social welfare is massive here, and with the state deteriorating into unfathomable debt could hopefully free people from that, when they are no longer able to tax from the rich to give to the poor. Thanks for the comment and hope @valued-customer

The only assistance you can provide to them as won't help themselves is to be secure and prepared when they realize they need to help themselves.

When the state collapses and rabid mobs destroy everything in their path, only secure locales will not be destroyed. After that outbreak of destruction, the mobs will disintegrate into autophagy, and then they will self destruct.

There may be survivors that aren't nothing but predators, or those that seek to survive such cannibalism (not a euphemism) without resorting to cannibalism. With extreme care, provided sufficient resources to grow, secure communities might provide refuge for survivors.

The critical resource will be security, followed by food. After the violence of the collapse is spent, careful growth will enable rational society to replace the parasitic society that has destroyed itself.

You can establish your own security. You cannot enable others to secure themselves if they don't. You can't provide security from such mobs alone. Communities supporting each other in the provision of security and other critical resources are the only thing that will enable the coming total destruction of the extant infrastructure and society.

Oh you called it hyperinflation is on the way, keep picking up that BTC, unfortunately, we can't put any sort of faith in the Rand EVER

I do however, have complete confidence in Krugerrands.

Truly the only rands worth holding on to that’s for sure silver or gold ones