Dragons bank #6

in loan •  9 months ago 

@swedishdragon will loan the sum of 316.93 STEEM to @direwolf. He promises to repay 341,93STEEM in 35 days. Full payment will be returned the 5th of August 2019

@swedishdragon will keep @direwolf bytes and have also recived adition of 2.679.400.000bytes by the lender to @swedishdragonis bytball wallet, for holding ;
A sum of 3.462 GBYTE. 3.462 GBYTE is 0.0076 BTC and 0.0076 BTC is 316.93 STEEM & will be kept as as collateral.
These bytes shall be returned when the loan is completely paid.

Please sign below...

I need 2 or more witnesses, im calling for ;


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Not one you called for, but I've seen it so I can be a witness if that's necessary.

aww long time no see sweety :D aww yes please do :D il be happy to call on you the next time :D

Hehe yeah, I haven't been so active lately for various reasons, but I'm here if you ever need a witness. :)

I know, i looked for you ..... Are you ok sweets??
awsome , il remember that, your sutch a doll xoxo

Signed :)

thanks sunshine :D

I am a witness 👁‍🗨 and I swear I am on dragons side

Aw thats the right side 😂😉😘😘🐉🐲

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Witnessed on July 16 2019 11:20 Central time

woohoo My hero :D your so fab hunny, thank you xoxo

Congratz, your post has been resteemed and, who knows, will maybe appear in the next edition of the #dailyspotlights (Click on my face if you want to know more about me...)
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I see this and if you need a Witness 😁 Im here.. Lol

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Fantastisk thanks sugar💗🐉🐲 i hope you dont mind me hollering,? AS your like awake the same time i am😝

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I dont mind at all my Lovely Lady 🤗😘
Just summon me and I be here 😂 Hahahaha
Wish you a wonderful week beautiful. Much love 🤗🌹💖

oh saffi, 😍😍

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Il keep you and thanks for the offer sweets,
Ha ha a dragon summon , now that would be firce ;) :P
You to happy vaca ;) :D heay @saffisara, are you conteplaiting steemfest????


here I am :D

nice, but sorry if I'll ask, I just don't get it. It's not that I want to be witness, because I don't want to to, I have no idea about this. I'm just curious, why you're looking for a witness?

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No worries, il be happy to explain; so we can edit posts , right? as my loans are actual money, i wish to get people to actually see, said transaction and loan, and a extra verification that i dident edit said post to :) see it as a signing of papers needs verfified buy othesr then the lender and lendee ;)
ha ah noo i dont need more witnesses, so i will not come calling for you LOL

haha you don't, ouch it hurts..lol

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naaa it didnet ;) LOL