Dragons bank #001

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@swedishdragon will loan the sum of 1700 STEEM to @news-today.
He promises to repay 1870STEEM in 60 days. Full payment will be returned the 18th of September 2019

@news-today will transfer 1 miner Neoxian Silver Miner (NEOXAGM) to swedishdragons steem-engine wallet ; https://steem-engine.com/?p=balances&a=swedishdragon ;

@swedishdragon will keep @news-today miner for holding ; & will be kept as as collateral.
This miner shall be returned when the loan is completely paid.
After loan is repaid; @news-today will offer @swedishdragon to buy said miner
If no deal ; said miner shall be returned when the loan is completely paid.

Please sign below...

I need 2 or more witnesses, im calling for ;


pix have been nicked from google.com

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I agree to the terms of this loan and promise to repay 1870 steem within 60 days.

The neoxagm miner which will serve as collateral is currently being unstaked and i will send each 0.25 unstaked portion every 10 days until @swedishdragon received the full agreed miner we agreed upon.

I am willing to act as Escrow agent in this transaction. I hold the keys of @news-today and can help insure that 0.25 neoxagm is sent every 10 days. So that @swedishdragon can receive the promised collateral.

I am always your witness, my colleague :D

Thanks sunshine 🐲🐉💗 your always there, a true dragon :D

Ehm I had an operation... the details in my last post

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Your Witness.

I see the details and the payment arrangements 7/24/2019 @0840 AM PDT...

I saw the loan and the payment arrangements

Thank you sunshine😀👍🏻🐲🐉💗💥☀️🌟
How are you??

Congratz, your post has been resteemed and, who knows, will maybe appear in the next edition of the #dailyspotlights (Click on my face if you want to know more about me...)
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How does this bank/load work? XD

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Hi hun nice to see you💗🐉🐲
First of; deoends on what you like to borrow-sp-steem-neox-sbd-bitcoin😉😝
You hit me up on DM in discord, right now 10% intrest for 2mounth on steem, sp depends mostly on amount if time
. I will need a collateral to keep👍🏻
Im always open to negociate😊

Interesting :D

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I cant find you on Discord, whats your discord name? The last 4 numbers? xD

i just checked, someone have nicked my handel on discord O.o
any way ; me ;) >>> swedishdragon#2189

Nah. Just needed the last four numbers otherwise I had to find you in a random discord :p
I have now added you, my name is the same as of steemit, maybe without the 2 xD

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all I see was the steem engine and your token. I'm annoyed, why I have no idea about this link where to sign. hahahaha
I completely don't get it.

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Just respond with a coment hun. As you just did😉 pore you 😊💗

pore me, how rude dragon, please don't be..so I will sign in?hahaha just kidding

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??” Pore you” was said as an enderment... as i feel your trouble and im sorry for it..

ahaha no it's fine, I'm thankful that I didn't understand to avoid in understanding. ooopppsss what am I talking, I think I'm drank now..

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Good luck @news-today

Do you give loan in USD term for SP as collateral?

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Sure i can do that👍🏻 I see your DM 😀