To Sit in the Midst of a Group That Has No Affinity in Ideas, Is a Relationship Somewhat Similar to Alienation


I don't know, every time I sit with a group that I find myself strange among them, not only because I'm a little speechless, but because our thoughts are different and i find myself looking for someone who looks like me, not physiologically, but who looks like me in thinking and seeing life.

To sit in the midst of a group that has no affinity in ideas, is a relationship somewhat similar to alienation and in this alienation I resort to reading the measurements of each of them, is a reading not in the color of skin or color of eyes or type of dress, but a look that reflects on the movement of lips and eyelashes, and the way of moving hands while talking, with a shelf that's hiding inside their minds. Some are disgusted by the way I look at him, even though she's innocent, and she's in doubt. Others turn right and north, followed by random movements to re-re-establish clothing, for example. This reading sometimes enables me to stand up to paradoxes or contradictions (name it as you like), I have seen some people say what they do not think or what they do not believe in, may be courtesy or from other doors - I am reticent to mention them -

I'm not a reader of ideas, but it's my intuition that tells me what I see in the face-sharing, where I read in their eyes what they are keeping and can't say for some reason, so it's hard to please all people, and it's very difficult to adapt to people except in situations where some people have traits like 'dependency', and because I do not carry these qualities, I find me strange in the midst of them and I am the seeker of a spring of arti from it, a spring from which the national feeling, love, giving and self-respect flow, and another spring from which the minds of human beings rise, I am the seeker of positions to be influenced and not affected, i look at the causes and results in order to reach the human model.

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M'ssieu Abdo