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What an interesting fact about staying fit.
It takes a lot of discipline to stay fit doing exercise.
Late show host Jimmy did a Super Bowl ad about a beer.
Actually most Super Bowl ads are aired before or around the game.

I heard they cost a lot of money.
Some goes all the way to $10 million.
This is astronomical number. One thing is these
commercials are viewed by the whole nation. While I was watching it
Usain Bolt was part of it. I was thrilled and post it on tweeter. I even tag
@reggaesteem about it. You know looking for a way to post about #steem
and #reggaesteem.

It is pretty clear we all know to be a winner, training is fundamental. I am pretty
sure Usain is still trainning hard to stay healthy.
Go to 24 seconds mark to see Usain Bolt in the commecial.

Here is the ad

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While switching between Fox and the Canadian NFL broadcaster, I noticed an add for the new Sandals in MontegoBay. It was in a channel not that many people would have been watching.

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Somehow Jamaica represents!

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@pouchon.tribes staying healthy and fit is really necessary and i love it whenever i watch such wonderful videos like this..thanks for sharing this wonderful clip....

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